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Ben Geller from FRIENDS is now the same age as Jennifer Aniston when she joined the show, and fans are shocked!

by Saman Zahid

We all remember the adorable little Ben Geller from Warner Bros sitcom, FRIENDS. Turns out, he is not so little anymore. In fact, he is now 25, which is the same age Jennifer Aniston was when she joined the show!

Jennifer Aniston played Rachel Green on FRIENDS, which she joined in 1994 when she was 25 years old. Little Ben was played by twin brothers Dylan and Cole Sprouse, who are now actual adults. Fans are shocked at the realization and just can’t process how fast time has flown by.

ben geller from friends

Ben Geller in FRIENDS. (Image source: FRIENDS)

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green. Image source: Pinterest

Cole and Dylan Sprouse are not unknown. Both the brothers went on to have successful acting careers after filming FRIENDS. In fact, they started acting way before that, when they were only 8 months old and appeared in diaper commercials. After filming the sitcom, they went on to star in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, which also became a massive hit. It is said that the brothers earned $40,000 an episode for the show. They later also appeared in in Hannah Montana.

ben geller from friends

Cole Sprouse is now 25 years old. (Image source: Instagram/Cole Sprouse)

ben geller from friends

The brothers also appeared in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. (Image source: Instagram/Dylan Sprouse)

Cole is still acting and is quite popular. His most recent role in on the Netflix series Riverdale, which centers around the death of a high school student. Cole has over 17 million followers on his Instagram, where he posts creative photography and some of his own photos. He also has another Instagram account called Camera Duels, where he posts photos of people trying to snap photos of him. The description of the hilarious page reads:

“This instagram is dedicated to the people out there who secretly take photos of me, and how I take photos of them first. May the fastest camera win.”

ben geller from friends

Cole Sprouse loves posting artistic photos on his Instagram. (Image source: Instagram/Cole Sprouse)

Dylan Sprouse, on the other hand, starred in a few TV series and movies before leaving the screen around 2011. He later returned in 2017 with a new movie, Carte Blanche.

ben geller from friends

Dylan left the screen before reappearing in 2017. (Image source: Instagram/Dylan Sprouse)

While both the brothers have been regularly seen over the years, both on screen as well as in Snapchat stories of their friends from New York University, the discovery that they are now the same age as Aniston in 1994 was recently made by a Twitter user.

The user wrote, “Brace yourselves: the actor who played Ben in Friends is now older than Jennifer Aniston was at the start of the series AND Courtney Cox is now older than Richard was on the show. I’m not convinced I understand how time works anymore.”

Fans immediately took to Twitter to express their shock. While some were amazed that they had never thought of this, others were surprised that they did not know Cole Sprouse from Riverdale was Ben Geller.

Now that we think about it, everyone’s favorite TV show really did air a very long time ago. We would all love to see a FRIENDS reunion, and so would Jennifer Aniston, according to her recent statement!

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