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Ben Affleck spotted outside his house for the first time since entering Malibu rehab

by Saman Zahid

Ben Affleck has been spotted for the first time since he entered the Malibu Treatment center for his rehabilitation treatment last month.

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Ben Affleck was spotted at his Pacific Palisades home on Wednesday, but he has not left rehab (Image source: Instagram/Entertainment Tonight)

The Justice League star was spotted outside his house on Wednesday, where he was photographed wearing athletic gear. In a photo uploaded by Splash News, Ben Affleck was seen wearing fitness gear, taking time out from his rehab to indulge in a workout.

According to a source that talked to E! News, Ben Affleck has not finished his treatment yet, and was seen outside of his house to carry out his workout activities. The 46-year-old actor was not alone in this endeavor, but was accompanied by his therapist and coach.

The source said, “He travels to and from in patient to work out. He is accompanied by his therapist and coach. This all part of his regime outline by his rehab.”

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is “serious about seeking treatment” (Image source: Instagram/Ben Affleck)

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Ben Affleck was admitted into rehab for the third time in August to deal with his ‘addiction struggles’. Jennifer Garner, his ex-wife, took on the responsibility to drop the Gone Girl actor off to the rehab, after she confronted him on his addiction struggles, and confronted him to seek help.

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While Ben Affleck has been prone to drinking, his addiction struggles took a turn for the worse in the midst of his relationship with the Saturday Night Live producer, Lindsay Shookus.

Shookus is reported to have broken up with him over his addiction issues, and also so Ben ‘could hit rock bottom.’ Post his split-up with his now former girlfriend, Lindsay, Ben was also spotted with the Playboy model Shauna Sexton.

Lindsay Shookus broke up with Ben so he ‘could hit rock bottom’ (Image source: Instagram)

However, while his addiction struggles worsened progressively even during his relationships with Lindsay, and later Shauna, it was his ex-wife, Garner, who staged an intervention for him to deal with the problem head-on.

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Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner staged an intervention for Ben, and also dropped him off to rehab last month. (Source: Getty Images)

“Ben was doing well for the last few months and very committed to his sobriety. But recently he started to slip up and began drinking again. He wrapped his movie and had some downtime,” a source stated as Ben began to seek treatment.

“This week, he was heavily drinking alone at home and with the Playboy model. Jen had family in town and a lot going on but she was well aware of what was going on.”

“She saw the photo of the alcohol being delivered to his house and knew he was home all day and that was the breaking point,” the source added.

Ben Affleck is reportedly serious about seeking treatment, as stated by another insider which said, “He seems serious about living in for at least 30 days.”

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