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Ashton Kutcher’s organization has helped identify and protect nearly 6,000 children from sex trafficking

by Myra E.

Ashton Kutcher’s organization, Thorn, works to end child sex trafficking by building digital tools to fight the issue. So far, they have helped identify over 5,800 children and disrupted over 6,600 bad actors. Kutcher says his next mission is to eliminate online child pornography. 

ashton kutcher thorn

Ashton Kutcher founded Thorn with his ex-wfie Demi Moore(Image source: Instagram/Thorn)

ashton kutcher thorn

6608 perpertrators have been disrupted so far using tools designed by Thorn. (Image source: Instagram/Thorn)

ashton kutcher thorn

The organization works on building tools to fight human trafficking. (Image source: Instagram/Thorn)

Thorn was founded by Ashton Kutcher and his ex-wife and actress, Demi Moore. The organization works to fight human trafficking by building tools to help law enforcement agencies. As with everything else these days, the sex trafficking economy thrives online. The tools Thorn builds help identify and find missing victims and perpetrators. So far, they have helped identify and protect 5,894 children from sex trafficking and have disrupted 6,608 perpetrators.

ashton kutcher thorn

Thorn has helped identify and protect thousands of child victims. (Image source: Instagram/Thorn)

ashton kutcher thorn

The organization recently started an Instagram page to increase their outreach.(Image source: Instagram/Thorn)

Ashton is on the Board of Directors of the Organization. (Image source: Instagram/Ashton Kutcher)

In 2016, Kutcher appeared on The TODAY Show and spoke about Thorn in detail. He also expressed a pledge he wanted to make in the future to eliminate online child pornography. Albeit ambitious, his wish is a noble one. Kutcher feels strongly about the causes he champions and speaks about them formally as well. In 2017, he gave a speech during a hearing at the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He spoke about his work regarding fighting human trafficking and rescuing children from sexual abuse.

Kutcher pictured with Bill Gates and John Cena. (Image source: Instagram/Ashton Kutcher)

Kutcher co-founded Thorn in 2008. (Image source: Instagram/Ashton Kutcher)

ashton kutcher thorn

Kutcher has a kind heart and feels for the causes he works for which include sex trafficking and child sexual abuse. (Image source: Instagram/Ashton Kutcher)

Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis, championing their cause. (Image source: Instagram/Thorn)

During his emotional speech, he spoke about defending everyone’s right to pursuing happiness, and could clearly be seen holding back tears. Although the actor mostly done comedy roles in romcoms or television sitcoms, he clearly has a soft heart.

ashton kutcher thorn

Thorn has helped educate kids about sexual extortion. (Image source: Instagram/Thorn)

Their outreach is growing by the day. (Image source: Instagram/Thorn)

Last month, Kutcher said on 48 Hours, “You can roll up your sleeves and go try to be like a hero and save one person or you can build a tool that allows one person to save a lot of people”. He added that Thorn was continuously improving their algorithms and getting ‘better and smarter’.

ashton kutcher thorn

Thorn’s motto is that they will not rest until every child can be a kid. (Image source: Instagram/Thorn)

The organization vows not to rest ‘until every child can be a kid’. In the fight against sex trafficking and child sexual abuse, Thorn is fast becoming a key player.

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