Ashton Kutcher testifies in court against ex-girlfriend’s 2001 murder case
Ashton Kutcher testifies in court against Michael Gargiulo in ex-girlfriend’s 2001 murder case. The accused killed Kutcher's ex-girlfriend.

Ashton Kutcher testifies in court against ex-girlfriend’s 2001 murder case. The accused killed Kutcher’s ex-girlfriend.

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Ashton Kutcher testified in court against his ex-girlfriend, Ashely Ellerin’s murder in 2001. Kutcher arrived in the Los Angeles courtroom on Wednesday, May 29, to testify against Michael Gargiulo, the Hollywood Ripper.

Ashton Kutcher is expected to testify

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Night of the murder

The Two and a Half Man star told the jury that he met Ashley at a birthday party in 2000. During this time, he was shooting That 70s Show and Ellerin and Kutcher had planned to go out on a date the night of the Grammy Awards. However, Kutcher arrived two hours late to Ellerin’s house and mentioned that he had been trying to call her the entire time.

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Also, he noticed “all the light in the house were on and I knocked on the door, no answer. I knocked again, no answer. I looked through the window on the front door and didn’t see anything. Tried the front door knob and it was locked. He felt that it was odd that the lights were so he checked the windows. “It looks like it was a bit of a mess, but I didn’t think anything of that because she had just moved in.”

Further stating, “Then I saw what I thought was red wine spilled on the carpet. I wasn’t alarmed because I just been at the house warming party at her house and that was kind of a college party.”

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Furthermore, his testimony stated, “I remember the next day after I heard about what happened, I went to the detectives and said, ‘My fingerprints are on the door. I was freaking out.” Ellerin was stabbed 47 times and her body was found by her roommate the next day.

The Hollywood Ripper has also been accused of killing two other women. Gargiulo has pleaded not guilty to all charges.


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