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Ashton Kutcher announces $4 million donation to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund

by Areej

Ashton Kutcher recently made a surprisingly huge donation to Ellen on her most recent episode of The Ellen Show on May 23.

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Ashton and Guy made a $4 million donation to Ellen’s Wildlife Fund. (Image source: EllenTube)

On Wednesday, Kutcher made a surprise visit with business partner, Guy Oseary, and announced a $4 million donation to The Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund.

Kutcher and Oseary recently invested in Ripple, an international cryptocurrency transfer app, and donated $4 million to help save wild animals in Africa.

Image source: EllenTube

Ashton and Guy recently invested in Ripple. (Image source: EllenTube)

During the episode, the 40-year-old actor praised Ellen’s work and stated how he has always watched her help other people, regardless of where they reside, throughout their years of friendship. He also mentioned how she has never asked others for anything.

Ashton praised Ellen for her efforts on helping people. (Image source: EllenTube)

Kutcher then recalled that Ellen once mentioned to him that if she wasn’t a talk show host, she would instead be focusing on her project on saving the gorillas.

Meanwhile, Oseary mentioned he received a phone call from Ellen where she shared her story about ‘the gift of a lifetime’ she received from Portia. Oseary promised her on call that he will certainly help Ellen with her ‘save the gorillas’ project.

Both even mentioned how Ellen called them to help with her wildlife fund. (Image source: EllenTube)

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Guy promised Ellen that he would help her with her project. (Image source: EllenTube)

Kutcher revealed that they talked among each other and came to the decision to help the ‘amazing human being’ who’s always there for others. He said, “..there’s this amazing human being and all they ever do is think about all the other people they can give to.

“Whether it’s in New Orleans, Montecito, whether it’s the people who come here or people out there, you’re always thinking about everyone else and we wanted to show you that people are thinking about you.” 

Kutcher talks about Ellen always being there for people in need. (Image source: EllenTube)

Image source: EllenTube

To a rather confused Ellen, Kutcher then added, “On behalf of ripple, we would like to give you 4 million dollars!”

Ashton revealed his $4 million donation to Ellen. (Image source: EllenTube)

Ellen was quite surprised when she heard the donation news. (Image source: EllenTube)

The talk show host couldn’t hold back her tears, out of happiness, after hearing the news. When Kutcher asked Ellen about pushing the button to transfer the money to her wildlife account, she instantly said, “I would like to push it. I would like to push it real good.”

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An emotional Ellen pressing the button to transferring the donation to her Wildlife Fund account. (Image source: EllenTube)

The Wildlife Fund was ‘the gift of a lifetime’ from Ellen’s wife, Portia de Rossi, on her 60th birthday. In February, Portia made a surprise appearance on Ellen’s show and shared her birthday gift with the world regarding wildlife animals.

Portia’s surprise appearance on Ellen’s show. (Image source: YouTube/Ellen Degeneres)

Portia spoke about her birthday gift to Ellen. (Image source: YouTube/Ellen Degeneres)

Portia reveals her big birthday present to an emotional Ellen. (Image source: YouTube/Ellen Degeneres)

Ellen has always showed a keen interest in preserving wildlife animals and protecting them worldwide. In a documentary presented in the episode, Portia spoke about Ellen’s inspiration, Dian Fossey, who found Karisoke Research Center in Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains. The center was created to protect wild endangered gorillas.

Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund’s first initiative would be to build a safe and permanent home for the endangered animals. Read more about it here.

The Wildlife Fund is to protect endangered gorillas. (Image source: Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund)

Watch Ashton Kutcher’s donation to Ellen below:

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