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Ariel Winter hilariously replies to hateful Instagram troll who told her she looked ‘thirsty’

by Nayab

Ariel Winter is not one to back down easy. She recently proved that she’s not to be bullied, by slamming an Instagram troll with a sassy reply.

Just Fashion Now (UK)

The misled Instagram user commented on one of her recent pictures, writing, “Why does Ariel look so thirsty all the time.”

Ariel wasn’t having it!

Ariel Winter Modern Family

Ariel was told she looks thirsty in this picture (Image source: Instagram/Sarah Hyland)

Ariel Winter Shuts Down Instagram Troll

The young actress sent back a sassy reply (Image source: Instagram/Ariel Winter)

She replied immediately, writing, “I’m SO thirsty!!! Haven’t had water in hours. God I can’t believe you can tell I’m dehydrated from this pic :/ :/.”

Cue laughter and endless admiration from everyone reading the drama. We’re glad Ariel decided to clap back to this Instagram troll; celebrities usually ignore comments like these and it encourages more of the trolls.

Ariel Winter Latex Dress

She proved that she’s not scared of Instagram troll (Image source: Instagram/Ariel Winter)

Ariel Winters Black Dress

Her cast member Sarah also stood up for her (Image source: Instagram/Ariel Winter)

Ariel Winter White Shirt

Ariel receives a lot of support amidst the hate as well (Image source: Instagram/Ariel Winter)

The Modern Family star made sure she had the last word in this case. She refused to be victimized here or anywhere else. The 20-year-old beauty recently joined the cast of Modern Family at the ‘For Your Consideration’ event in Hollywood. The troll commented on a group photo of the case that Sarah Hyland posted.

Just Fashion Now (UK)

We’re not sure how he got the idea to call her ‘thirsty’. The comment also ticked off Ariel’s co-star, Sarah, who wrote in a little reply of her own.

She commented, “I can’t believe they saw that you were dehydrated as well! I was with you in person and couldn’t tell!!!! DO YOU NEED WATER?? I’ll come bring you some! I’ll be over in 2 minutes.”

Absolutely hilarious!

ariel winter lapalme

However, the thirsty comment didn’t make much sense (Image source: Instagram/Ariel Winter)

ariel winter pumpkin patch

The troll definitely deserved what they got (Image source: Instagram/Ariel Winter)

Ariel Winter Black Dress

Ariel is used to fighting back mean comments (Image source: Instagram/Ariel Winter)

Ariel Winters Replies to Instagram Troll

In 2016, people told her she had too much cleavage (Image source: Instagram/Ariel Winter)

ariel winter

Trolls didn’t like the graduation dress she wore, saying it revealed too much (Image source: Instagram/Ariel Winter)

Ariel has some strong backing and she couldn’t be more glad. Sarah even went the extra mile and directly addressed the instagram troll, writing “Please don’t leave negative comments on my page about my sister!!!”

Just Fashion Now (UK)

There’s no doubt that Sarah will absolutely not have any hate directed towards herself or Ariel. If we were the troll, we’d be thinking and re-thinking our entire existence right now.

However, Ariel knows how to handle these tricky situations; the young actress has been exposed to negativity and hate before. Two years ago, she had to put up with random people on the Internet who told her she shouldn’t have worn a cleavage-baring dress to her graduation. She fired back and told them to do something better with their lives.

Ariel Winter Plants

At the time, Ariel simply told haters to “get a hobby” (Image source: Instagram/Ariel Winter)

ariel winter

She hopes trolls will reply with more positive comments in the future (Image source: Instagram/Ariel Winter)

ariel winter

Even though she would love to be as mean as they are (Image source: Instagram/Ariel Winter)

ariel winter

We’re proud of her maturity and restraint! (Image source: Instagram/Ariel Winter)

ariel winter

Any future trolls should just back away now. (Image source: Instagram/Ariel Winter)

This isn’t the only thing she wanted to write, though. She wanted to be a lot sassier but then said she feels better writing something positive as a reply to negativity. Ariel also hopes that once trolls see her positivity, they might become more considerate and be respectful next time they comment.

“Maybe they’ll not write something hurtful next time,” she said.

Trolls aside, she was seen having a wonderful time at Coachella. However, she admitted that she feels like a ‘grandma’ because she didn’t see any of the headlines acts. She went to meet friends and then came back; she was there for very little time. We love her vibes, grandma or not, and hope she keeps on teaching trolls good lessons!

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