Ariana Grande restarts performance after fan says they weren't recording yet
Ariana Grande was in the middle of giving her fans some goosebumps when a fan asked her if she could restart - and she did!

Ariana Grande was in the middle of giving her fans some goosebumps while performing her single ‘Raindrops’, when a fan asked her if she could restart – and she did!

On Saturday, Ariana Grande’s fans gathered together at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, where she hosted a private performance for them. She proved to the world that her heart does not just melt for her beau, but also for her fans.

ariana grande restarts performance

Ariana hosted an intimate Sweetener session for her fans in LA last week, where she paused her song and restarted it so a fan could record it. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

In a now viral video posted by her fans on Twitter, Ariana can be seen seated in a chair, singing Raindrops, when a fan cuts her off in the middle of it and calls out, “Wait, start again! I wasn’t recording.”

Despite the crowd that had gathered around her, Ariana heard her fan’s request and said, “Someone said, ‘Start again. I wasn’t recording.’ And I listen! I listen. Sure, are you ready now?”


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The video also shows Ariana saying “I’m sorry, are you ready now?” to her fan, in the most heartwarming manner.

The fan, who was expectedly ecstatic by this response, took to Twitter later to express her excitement over being heard by Grande. She posted a video of the moment on her Twitter page, which attracted the attention of Arianators worldwide.

Like these special moments she shared with her fans weren’t enough to make our hearts melt, Ariana set the mood for the performance by being introduced by her beau, Pete Davidson, at the event. The SNL star introduced Ariana to her fans at this intimate session, by saying, “I can’t believe she talks to me,” before Ariana walked on stage.

The Theatre At Ace Hotel in LA was packed with 1,600 of Ariana’s army of fans – also known as ‘Arianators’. The singer hosted her private show to perform the music of her new album, Sweetener, which has broken a historic record by earning Ariana a hat-rick for being number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

According to Variety, Ariana not only heard the requests of one of her fans  at the concert, but also logged in requests by all of them by granting them the choice to select portions of her Sweetener set that she should perform at the concert.

ariana grande restarts performance

Davidson gave Grande a warm introduction before she came on stage. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

Billboard also revealed that Sweetener has registered the biggest streaming week for a pop album by a female artist.


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