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Anna Kendrick tells Ryan Reynolds to ‘stay in his lane’ after winning Teen Choice Award for the best Twitter account

by Umey Aimen

Anna Kendrick is known to be one of the wittiest actresses of her time, and it is now official with her award for the Best Twitter Account!

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At Teen Choice Awards, Anna entertained the audience with casual banter and wit. She did so while accepting her award for Choice Twit at the award ceremony that happened on Sunday, August 12.

Anna at Teen Choice Awards 2018. (Image: Instagram/Anna Kendrick)

The much awaited and appreciated awards finally took place last midsummer night in Los Angeles, California, United States. As expected, it was a star-studded event with lots of excitement and exchange of banter. And such an exchange is incomplete without the presence of one of the most important banter queens, Anna Kendrick.

Anna Kendrick won the very well deserved Teen Choice Award for the best comic actress and, just as she was about to climb the stairs of the stage to collect her award, she was asked to also pick up the surfboard for the best Twitter account!

Anna wit her TSA surfboard. (Image: Instagram/Anna Kendrick)

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds attends 2017 Time 100 Gala at Jazz in 2017. Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TIME)

Anna went on in her speech by saying, “Also I know that Ryan Reynolds was nominated… so in your face, Ryan!” she shouted. The top notch banter ended with a punchline throwing shade at Reynolds, “Yeah I beat you, stay in your lane!”

Her acceptance speech said, “Did I just hear that I won choice Twitter’ th?!”

The actress gushed as she accepted her surfboard. She continued to name a few of her competitors on Twitter, which included Chrissy Teigen, Kumail Nanjiani, Mark Hamill and Mindy Kaling. She kept Ryan Reynolds as a separate banter subject, though.

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Anna made sure to shade Ryan! (Image: Instagram/Anna Kendrick)

She then drifted towards discussing Ryan Reynolds and ended it by throwing lots of humorous shade and wit – as she is known to popularly throw. This left the audience in great laughs and appreciation.

Anna and Ryan have worked together back in 2014 in the less acclaimed black comedy The Voices. Both were nominated for two categories at the Teen Choice Awards. Where Ana managed to bagged both categories, Ryan did not get either.

Watch her hilarious acceptance speech:

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