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Angela Kinsey takes a jab at her nephew’s Tinder profile, trolls him for adding her information in his bio

by Saman Zahid

Angela Kinsey posted a selfie of her on Instagram, in which she acknowledged her nephew’s inclusion of her in his Tinder biography and display picture, and made a hilarious jab at him while she was at it. 

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Angela Kinsey, the woman who played the role of a stuck-up, bossy and reserved employee on the NBC Sitcom, The Office, turned out to be not just hilarious, but also a super cool troll in real life.

The 47-year-old American actress, who is better known for playing the role of Angela Martin on The Office than as Angela Kinsey, recently came across her nephew’s profile on the popular dating website, Tinder.

James had included his aunt, Angela Kinsey, in his dating profile on Tinder (Image source: Instagram)

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Her nephew, James, who is 25 years old, had uploaded a selfie of him with his aunt, who just so happened to be Angela Kinsey, as his profile picture. He had also taken on the liberty to mention his relationship to the star in his public bio.

His bio stated: “Life long musician, can get along with just about anyone. Also a former firefighter. You can still call me a fireman cause I turn the hoes on, and yes Angela from the office is my aunt.”

The guy was only expecting to impress the ladies and garner their attention, but ended up grabbing the attention of his aunt who felt pretty amused by the profile. The sassy aunt of his took to Instagram to respond to her nephew, and address her special mention in his dating profile.

She posted a selfie of her smiling, and wrote, “Nephews… do not put me in your @tinder profile photos. K. Thx. Byeeeee.”

Just Fashion Now (UK)

The cool “cat woman” on The Office is an even cooler aunt in real life. (Image source: Instagram/Angela Kinsey)

Angela’s response was not uncharacteristic, as the lady has portrayed a similar kind of sass throughout the eight seasons of her hit sitcom show, The Office. Angela played the character of her namesake, who took on the role of an employee who was known to snap back at people quite cheekily.

James has not yet officially acknowledged his aunt roasting him publicly, and it is likely that he is a little occupied with matching with the right girl, now that his connection with Miss Kinsey has paved the way for a lot more female attention for him!

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