CC's Alec Baldwin Roast Might Just Be The Most Lethal One Yet
Sunday night's Alec Baldwin roast might just be the most ruthless one yet: "On behalf of the entire NBA ... thanks for giving your daughters daddy issues."

This Sunday night, Alec Baldwin took center stage for the annual roast by Comedy Central.

Alec Baldwin
(Image source: Instagram/Alec Baldwin)

The comic actor was more than just a good sport when he got up to the podium. He was actually able to throw jabs at his guests without breaking a sweat. The guests included his daughter Ireland Baldwin, Caitlyn Jenner, Ken Jeong, Blake Griffin, Nikki Glaser, Robert De Niro, and a lot of others.

Alec Baldwin is an Emmy winner and is famous for his nasty voicemails. He has performed several iconic roles such as Glengarry Glenn Ross and his roles on 30 Rock and SNL. He is also known for his impressions of US President Donald Trump.

Nikki Glaser and Blake Griffin, however, stole the Comedy Central’s annual roast of Alec Baldwin. Nikki Glaser was taking no quarters as she said, “Alec, you’ve had four kids with Hilaria [Baldwin], which is incredible, because isn’t your s***n just oatmeal at this point? Oh, Robert just got excited when I said ‘oatmeal!”


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For those of you who were unable to enjoy the comedy special on last Sunday night, here is our recap of the most memorable and funniest roasts of the night in no particular order.

Nikki Glasser, the star from Trainwreck, kicked the event off and was by most accounts; the best act of the night! The 35-year-old comedian started with Robert De Niro. She said, “Robert De Niro. I can’t believe I get to share this stage with you, and by that I mean the final one of your life.”

CC's Roast Of Alec Baldwin Was A Treat To Watch Nikki Glaser
(Image source: Instagram/ Nikki Glaser)

Sean Hayes was the roast master for the Alec Baldwin roast. He started by saying, “No offense, Blake [Griffin], but I’m a better ball handler than you.” He continued, “It’s true, Alec had a substance abuse problem in the past, but he worked through it and hasn’t done anything of substance in 20 years.”

CC's Roast Of Alec Baldwin Was A Treat To Watch Sean Hayes
(Image source: Instagram/ Sean Hayes)

The unexpected star of the night was Blake Griffin. He said, “On behalf of the entire NBA and half the rappers on the Billboard charts, thanks for giving your daughters daddy issues.”

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The 61-year-old was not going to take all of this without witty comebacks now, was he? He retorted, “Sharing the spotlight is my gift to all of you. Blake, moving from LA to Detroit is so sad. That only happens when a prostitute’s body is sent back to her family.”

Robert De Niro made sure he was visible on stage. He told Baldwin, “After tonight, Rocky and Bullwinkle won’t be the worst thing I’ve ever done.” He also quipped at Caitlyn Jenner by saying, “Comedy Central wouldn’t put Caitlyn Jenner on a roast until after her transition so they could pay her 20 percent less.”

Alec Baldwin’s daughter is a 23 year old model and did not hold back from her dad. She even mentioned the infamous voicemail of her father. She said, “Dad, I’m Ireland. It’s good to be here. I almost didn’t even know about it because I haven’t checked my voicemails from my dad from the last, like, 12 years.”

Jeong was ready to take it to the next level. His best bit from the night was, “Caroline Rhea, you look like Adel… a dell computer.” He went on to make more jokes saying, “We’re really here to celebrate the real star of 30 Rock and SNL. But let’s be honest, Tina Fey said no. Alec, no offense but you weren’t the star of 30 Rock, and with De Niro here, you’re not even the star of your own f–king roast.”

Is there a moment from Comedy Central’s annual roast of Alec Baldwin that we have missed? Let us know in the comments!


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