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89 yo Britain’s Got Talents' Colin Thackery will die "happy man" if he wins
Britain’s Got Talents' Colin Thackery, 89, will die a "happy man" if he wins the final. The finalistsays winning the final will make his wife proud.

Britain’s Got Talents’ Colin Thackery, 89, will die a “happy man” if he wins tomorrow’s final. BGT’s oldest finalist opens up how winning the final tomorrow will make his wife proud of him.

Britain’s Got Talents' Colin Thackery

(Image Source: Instagram/ Britain’s Got Talent)

Britain’s Got Talents’ Colin Thackery sang Vera Lynn’s We’ll Meet Again in the semi-final round. He instantly won millions of hearts. However, he will only be thinking about his wife while belting out the lyrics on stage.

Watch his show stopping performance below:



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Colin told  The Sun:“I know Joan would have been very proud of me. She had a very fine alto voice and we would sing together all the time. Now she is gone I sing to her and her pictures. When I have been on stage singing, I have been singing for her. Music helped me cope after her death and I take great comfort in it now still.”

He revealed that he met his wife at a dance in 1949 and married shortly afterwards. Joan passed away in December 2016 after 66 years of marriage.

Watch him talk about his wife below:



Colin’s military career

Colin went to different fronts during his military career.  He said: “I sung while I was in the army to keep morale up. I always there for a song and I would sing in the mess too, after we’d had dinner. And I would always sing after our rugby matches. But I can’t sing you any of those songs — they’re far too rude.”

Colin’s two children, and four grandchildren, are “incredibly proud” of how far he has come. His family will be watching him tomorrow in the audience.

Britain’s Got Talents' Colin Thackery

(Image Source: Instagram/ Britain’s Got Talent)

The performer comes from Norway and has served in the military for 25 years. His television debut on BGT has made him famous online. Additionally, his scarlet coat and polished medals have become his mark.

Colin said: “This has been such a whirlwind, from start to finish. I never thought I would appear on the telly and now I’m on it all the time. The taxi driver recognized me this morning and we were laughing about it.We said we had no idea how I’d be doing this at my age. I never dreamt I would have this in my life. And I’m mutton deaf.”

Breaking stereotypes

Colin is hoping that his effort will raise the bar for his generation to achieve anything they want regardless of age.

Britain’s Got Talents' Colin Thackery

(Image Source: Instagram/ Britain’s Got Talent)

Colin said: “I’m doing my bit for the oldies. Loneliness is epidemic among the older generation and I think that if you’re lonely, you need to go out and do something. You don’t know what you’re capable of until you try. A choir is a great place to start because you go along and you meet new people. People think you need to be able to sing to join a choir but you don’t. Everyone can be taught to sing.”

As much as Colin enjoys singing he does feel overwhelmed sometimes. He said: “I do tend to get a bit confused. I didn’t know what was happening during the semi final because the screaming was too loud. It wasn’t until Ant or Dec came on the stage and they told me I had won.”

The upcoming epic Finale

“I served my Queen for 25 years, so if I thought I would have the chance to sing to her, I would die a happy man. It is very difficult for me to put into words how much it would mean. I cannot even imagine being on that stage in the presence of royalty. It would be absolutely marvelous. Oh, and I’m looking forward to spending time with the judges too – especially the ladies.

Colin has a special performance ready for tomorrow’s finale. Although he has not revealed his song choice for the final he did reveal that he would have his friends from the Royal Hospital Chelsea on stage with him again.

Tune in to Britain’s Got Talent  to see if Colin wins!


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