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Blake Lively tries to guess if the tweet was written by husband, Ryan Reynolds or her co-star Anna Kendrick

by Zahra Nadeem

MTV news host, Josh Horowitz started a new trending game when he played ‘ID the Tweet’ with the stunning Blake Lively and co-star Anna Kendrick to promote their new movie, A Simple Favor.

Just Fashion Now (UK)
Blake Lively

Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick played the segment, ‘ID The Tweet’. (Image source: Twitter/MTV News)

Blake Lively

Lively and Kendrick were present at the show to promote their upcoming movie, A Simple Favor. (Image source: Twitter/MTV News)

The segment ‘ID the Tweet’ followed with Horowitz first reading out a tweet, by either Reynolds or Kendrick, and Lively then had to guess who wrote it. The Deadpool star and Kendrick are both known for their humorous tweets, so it was quite uneasy for Lively to pass through this task. Their uncannily similar humour and style of tweeting left her stumped multiple times.

Ryan and Anna are both known for their humorous tweets. (Image source: Twitter/MTV News)

It wasn’t easy for Blake to guess right every time. (Image source: Twitter/MTV News)

Horowitz began the game with a seemingly easy one. The tweet he read out stated, “I can’t tell the difference between meditation and silent inner shrieking.”

Lively misjudged it and said out the wrong name. She was quick to respond that the tweet was from Anna, when in fact, it was from her husband.

Blake Lively

Lively misjudged the tweet and said the tweet was from Anna. (Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds)

Image source: Twitter/MTV News

Just Fashion Now (UK)

When Lively got the next tweet right, which was attributed to Anna, the Pitch Perfect star suggested that Horowitz should just add ‘I hate my kids’ at the end of her tweets for that is usually how Ryan ends his tweets.

Anna asks Horowitz to add ‘I hate my kids’ type tweets to hers. (Image source: Twitter/MTV News)

The 30-year-old actress fell in shock when it was revealed that the next tweet, which was as similar to her husband’s tone of language, was actually from Anna.

The tweet was similar to Ryan’s occasional tone of language. (Image source: Twitter/Anna Kendrick)

She confidently said, “That would be my husband.” But as the buzzer went off, she later responded with, “No! Really, really?”

Blake was shocked when it was revealed Anna had written the tweet. (Image source: Twitter/MTV News)

Both stars cracked up when the host asked who tweeted about the Samantha American Girl Doll, remarking that was obviously from Kendrick. However, Horowitz felt that Ryan was unpredictable and it could have easily been him as well.

Both stars cracked up as Lively was certain this was Anna’s tweet. (Image source: Twitter/Anna Kendrick)

The Samantha American Girl Doll Anna referred in her tweet above. (Image source: Twitter/MTV News)

Just Fashion Now (UK)

The final tweet that was read out in the segment was quite easy for the Gossip Girl star to get right. It was in reference to the song MMMbop tweeted by Ryan.

Lively instantly stated that this was definitely by her husband to which Anna jokingly added, “Uhh, you would know!” She also explained that she is the one who usually makes him listen to the song and revealed that it is actually her sexy-time tune.

She also added that it’s because she has a crush on Zack, ‘the little one’, and Ryan doesn’t look anything like him. This explained why it was ‘difficult’ for him to listen through it.

Lively explained that she always had a crush on Zack from the song MMMbop. (Image source: Twitter/MTV News)

Image source: Twitter/MTV News

Watch the full video below:

A Simple Favor is an upcoming American mystery-thriller film directed by Paul Feig. It is an adaptation of the novel of the same name and is set to release on September 14, 2018.

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