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Ariana Grande reveals bee tattoo she got on the one-year anniversary of the Manchester Arena terror attack

by Asfa

Ariana Grande revealed the worker bee tattoo behind her ear to signify her remembrance of the Manchester concert where a blast resulted in the death of 22 attendees.

The pop singer uploaded a picture on her Instagram, and captioned it, “forever“. The bee is a symbol of Manchester City and a nod to its hardworking citizens.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande got a bee tattoo to remember the Manchester Attack. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

The Manchester bombing took place on May 22, 2017 at Manchester Arena right after the pop singer’s performance. 22 attendees were killed in the attack and around 250 were injured at Grande’s Dangerous Woman tour.

This was the deadliest attack in the UK since the 7/7 London bombings which took away 56 lives. 14,000 fans were in attendance at the concert.

Ariana Grande

The attack took the lives of 22 victims. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

Ariana Grande

It injured 250 others. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

Grande has made it clear that the Manchester Arena bombing has left a lasting impact on her. Two weeks after the bombing, she put on a concert on June 4, 2017 to honor the victims and show resilience in the face of the adversity.

She also spoke to Time after the ordeal, saying, “There are so many people who have suffered such loss and pain. The processing part is going to take forever.”

Ariana Grande

Ariana said moving on would take a long time. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

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She said she wasn’t willing to talk about it too much, saying, “I don’t want to give it that much power. Something so negative. It’s the absolute worst of humanity. That’s why I did my best to react the way I did. The last thing I would ever want is for my fans to see something like that happen and think it won.”

Ariana Grande

She said she did not want the attack to win. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

According to Grande, the bee tattoo was to honor the city and everything she went through there with her fans. She also honored her fans in her latest music video, No Tears Left To Cry, as well. At the end of the video, a bee flies by as a symbolic gesture.

Ariana Grande

A bee at the end of the No Tears Left to Cry video signifies Manchester. (Image source: YouTube)

While speaking about the incident, Grande also said, “I wish there was more that I could fix. You think with time it’ll become easier to talk about. Or you’ll make peace with it. But every day I wait for that peace to come and it’s still very painful.

Ariana Grande

Grande said she wished there was more she could do. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

Fans loved Grande’s gesture, and commented under her Instagram post to let her know.

Coming from Manchester, you have held yourself with amazing grace and shown everyone so much love in a time I can imagine has been unbearable for you! u will always have a special place in Manchester’s heart ❤ a real inspiration,” one wrote.

I love you, Ariana and your fans who have passed away,” another said.

Another fan said, “Manchester u r a true trooper all my love goes to u and ari here she’s amazing in everything she does and respects u with all her heart.

Ariana Grande

Fans loved the tattoo. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

Ariana Grande

They admired Grande for her continued remembrance of the attack. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

Ariana Grande

They also said they loved her connection with the city of Manchester. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande)

Watch the music video for No Tears Left to Cry here:

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