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Bruise for the Cruise! A Slow-Mo Video Shows Exactly How Tom Cruise Injured His Ankle During a Stunt for His Upcoming Movie, ‘Mission Impossible-Fallout!’

by Faryal

The brilliant and ever so talented Tom Cruise is in process of shooting his 6th Mission Impossible movie, called ‘Mission Impossible-Fallout’. Well, we all know shooting a big project like this isn’t a walk in the park. There ups and downs and mishaps while shooting, and Tom Cruise experienced one in this movie!

The actor broke his ankle while performing a stunt on set!

The cast appeared on The Graham Norton Show and the host showed a slow-mo version of how Mr. Cruise broke his ankle.

Tom Cruise

Graham asking Tom about his ankle incident. (Source: YouTube)

Tom Cruise

Cruise making the jump which ended up going very wrong. (Source: YouTube)

Mission Impossible 6 has a fantastic cast which appeared on The Graham Norton Show to promote their upcoming movie. The stars include Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg.

Tom Cruise

The cast of Mission Impossible 6 came on the Graham Norton Show. (Source: YouTube)

Tom Revealed at the beginning of the video that due to his ankle inju,ry the movie had to be ‘shut down’ for a while.

Tom Cruise

Tom explained how the movie was shut down due to his injury. (Source: YouTube)

The star had also brought some footage for the audience, to show exactly how he broke his ankle. He brought clips of the stunt shot from 3 angles – front, back, and side – to clearly elucidate the accident for the audience.

Tom Cruise

Tom running to perform his stunt. (Source: YouTube)

Tom Cruise

The stunt capture from the side camera. (Source: YouTube)

One of the clips was a slow-mo, zoomed-in, side-view version, which shows Cruise’s foot twist as he hit the wall during his big jump from one building to the other.

Tom Cruise

Tom’s foot just as it is about to hit the wall. (Source: YouTube)

Tom Cruise

Tom’s foot hits the wall and injures his ankle very badly. (Source: YouTube)

The star jokingly said he blames Henry Cavill for the mishap. Tom described that he was chasing after Henry Cavill in the scene and said, “It’s all his fault, I blame him.”

Before playing the last, zoomed-in version of the clip, Simon still had not watched any of them, which Tom hilariously pointed out, “Simon still hasn’t seen it!”

Simon Pegg refused to watch the video from any angle! He said, “I can’t watch this,” and everyone burst into laughter!

Tom Cruise

According to Simon, everybody is trying to show him the video but he doesn’t want to see it. (Source: YouTube)

Simon Pegg then said, “They keep trying to show it to me and I’m like, NOOO!”

Tom Cruise

Simon refusing to watch the video. (Source: YouTube)

Before playing the final clip, Graham warned, “If you’re squeamish, don’t watch it.”

The crowd echoed a loud “Ow” as the camera slowly displayed how the impact of the wall obliterated Tom’s ankle as he hit it. Tom himself said on the show, “I knew instantly it was broken.”

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise hanging from the wall after he hurt his ankle. (Source: YouTube)

The movie still has about six weeks of shooting left. The cast started shooting in March last year but due to Tom’s injury, the shoot is taking longer to finish.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise attends “The Mummy” Fan Event at AMC Loews Lincoln Square in New York City. (Source: Getty Images)

It is extremely commendable on Tom’s part because while shooting has resumed, the star revealed that his ankle was still broken.

Tom Cruise

The star instantly knew he had broken his ankle. (Source: YouTube)

Graham asked him in the beginning, “Are you fully recovered? Are you well?”

To this, Tom said, “It’s still broken, but I’m doing well…. We have a release date so we gotta keep going.”

Tom Cruise

Tom revealed how his ankle was still broken but they have to continue shooting. (Source: YouTube)

Well, salute to your spirit, sir, and all the best to the team of Mission Impossible 6!

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