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Stunning Instagram Model, Shudu Gram, Turns Out to Be a Life-Like Computer Generated Image!

by Shariq Vohra

The stunning Instagram model, Shudu Gram, is actually a very LIFE-LIKE computer-generated image!

As stated by her Instagram bio, Shudu Gram defines herself as the “World’s First Digital Supermodel”with over 41,200 fan followers.

Shudu Gram

The stunning Instagram model, Shudu Gram. (Source: Instagram)

The digital model created her Instagram account in 2017, after posting her first photo on 22nd April, and since then, she has been taking the internet by storm.

Shudu Gram

The model made its account last year in April. (Source: Instagram)

Created by British photographer, Cameron-James Wilson, this latest innovation in the world of fashion was inspired by a Barbie doll called Princess of South Africa, as well as Australian model, Duckie Thot.

Wilson, 28, has dedicated ten years of his life to the fashion industry, photographing celebrities. However, after dropping out from school, he decided to educate himself on 3D art by watching YouTube videos.

Shudu Gram

The model is created by Cameron-James Wilson. (Source: Instagram)

According to Metro, Wilson stated, “I was learning how to create 3D imagery for graphic novels and animations and I had the opportunity to create a model however I wanted. So I created the most beautiful woman I could.”

Shudu Gram

Princess of South Africa Barbie Doll and Austrailian model Duckie Thot are Cameron-James’ inspirations for the Instagram model. (Source: Instagram)

While speaking about his latest invention with journalist, Isiuwa Igodan, he revealed that Shudu Gram is actually a computer-generated image (CGI) who is ‘a fantasy trying to break into reality.’

He said, “A lot of what we see in media is trying to be less real, with filters and makeup. Shudu is coming from the other direction, she’s a fantasy trying to break through into reality and I have plans to help her do so. She’s already posed with real-life model Nfon Obong and I’d love to see her interact more with people.”

Shudu Gram

Wilson learned 3D art by watching Youtube videos to create Shudu Gram. (Source: Instagram)

Wilson has also developed a male model, by the name of Nfon, as part of his 3D imaging project.

Shudu Gram

Nfon was another digital model created. (Source: Instagram)

Shudu Gram

Wilson said;  “With every image, I post I never know how the reaction may be, but I’d love to see her embraced art in many different forms.” (Source: Instagram)

The photographer-turned-creator believes that designing Shudu helped him with the things he was going through at that time. He said, “I wouldn’t say that she had any real purpose, it was just because I wanted to. I’m driven to create beautiful depictions of women, I don’t really know why, but as long as I can remember I would sit and draw women, my school textbooks were more sketchbooks than anything useful to my education.

I didn’t know at the time but in creating her it really helped me to deal with things that I was going through at the time. Feeling out of touch with my own work, under-appreciated and that I had talent but I didn’t know what to do with it.”

Shudu Gram

“I didn’t know at the time but in creating her it really helped me to deal with things that I was going through at the time.” said the creator. (Source: Instagram)

There have been people who have been either very accepting or very offended by Wilson’s latest formation. When asked how he would deal with the negative speculation all over media, Wilson stated that he would like to ‘help educate people and hopefully give them more perspective.’

During the interview, he added, “The point is really that I’m doing something I love. I love technology, Sci-fi films, gaming, CGI movies like Final Fantasy, Shudu is just everything I’m passionate about brought together. She embodies the best parts of the things that inspire me.”

Shudu Gram

Shudu Gram is not a replacement for real-life models. (Source: Instagram)

Shudu Gram

The model is not being used as a commercial model. (Source: Instagram)

Wilson has clarified that Shudu Gram is not a replacement of real-life models and will not be used for commercial purposes.

Shudu Gram

Fendi Beauty by Rihanna posted this picture of Shudu Gram. (Source: Instagram)

Fenty Beauty by singer, Rihanna, also embraced the new model and posted a picture of her on Instagram and captioned it, “In living color ? | #MATTEMOISELLE in #SAWC | Model: @shudu.gram Photography by @cjw.photo”.

In the picture, the tall, dark and absolutely stunning model is shown wearing SAWC lipstick shades of Rihanna’s cosmetic company.

Shudu Gram

People still aren’t all aware that Shudu Gram is actually a CGI. (Source: Instagram)

However, Shudu is not the only computer-generated model surfacing on the internet. Miquela is also a life-like digital model, who has around 560,000 followers and models new clothes and posts selfies.

Both digital models are reachable through their Instagram pages: @shudu.gram and @LilMiquela.

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