Justin Bieber Gets Treated to Cynic but Cute Wish from Girlfriend Selena!
Selena Gomez uploaded a super sweet and lowkey cryptic caption for boo Justin Bieber's birthday earlier today! The pop star has been involved with the 'Sorry' singer all over again following their split some years ago.

Selena Gomez wished her bae, Justin Bieber a ‘happy birthday’ on her Instagram post.

The pop star uploaded a picture of herself, with a Polaroid of her boyfriend stuck to her forehead. She captioned the picture, March 1, 1994 someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. Boom.”


SelGo’s super cute wish in which a polaroid is stuck to her head. (Source: Instagram)


Justin Bieber has turned 24 today! (Source: Instagram)

The pair have finally extended their relationship to social media.

After a brief split, in which both dated other people, the couple has finally reunited after being seen cuddling and cozying up together at the wedding of Bieber’s dad.


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Selena thought it fitting to make an adorable tribute to her boo. (Source: Instagram)

Fans loved the sweet and personal birthday gesture by Gomez. They also commented their concerns on what has she planned for Bieber’s birthday.

Bieber just turned 24 which means big things must be in store for Jelena and their fans.


The pair attended Jeremy Bieber’s wedding and stuck together like glue. (Source: Instagram)


She and Justin have recently got together again, after a stormy previous relationship. (Source: Instagram)


Justin’s new boo has become quite the thrill-seeker recently. (Source: Instagram)


Their relationship has become serious goals on social media and in real life. (Source: Instagram)

Speaking of big things, the couple’s PDA at Jeremy Bieber’s wedding had fans going wild. A random beach goer happened to take a selfie with the celebrity couple photobombing her. She was out of this world excited once she saw who they actually were.



Selena has become more understanding and Justin has matured quite a bit. (Source: Instagram)

Her Instagram photo showed Jelena locking lips and hugging each other. Other sources reported that the on-again off-again couple could not keep their eyes, or limbs, off of each other for too long.

The eyewitness told E! News, “They were kissing and hugging throughout the morning. He rubbed the sunscreen all over her back, and they enjoyed the pool and being outside…they looked extremely happy.”


The singer has turned down his playboy act and has become more steady. (Source: Instagram)

Jelena seem really happy together! They had an incredibly intimate and romantic dinner date at a hotel in posh Beverly Hills, and to add to the romance, the two also spent a weekend together in Laguna Beach.


He is a born again Christian now. (Source: Instagram)

However, it could all be fun and games right now, as there was a reason the couple split up the last time. Bieber was not serious about his relationship then, although this time, he really seems to be making an effort to become a better man for Gomez.

An inside source put fans’ worries to rest when he said, “everything is so different this time around.”


Jeremy Bieber also wished his son on his birthday! (Source: Instagram)

The source added that the Sorry singer, has recently been behaving like a complete gentleman. He’s also been very expressive about his love for her and has developed into a much more stable and mature human.

He stated, “He’s a lot more open about his feelings towards Selena, which has been a big sign of him maturing.”


Serious shoutout to Jeremy for a stellar Instagram wish! (Source: Instagram)


He also uploaded a totally cute picture of Justin as an adorable tot! (Source: Instagram)

Gomez certainly looks much happier this time around and we wish the cute couple nothing but the best!

A very happy birthday to you, Justin!


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