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Former Porn Star Mia Khalifa Reveals ISIS Made Her Quit Her Profession After She Shot a Porn Video Wearing a Hijab

by Nayab

It’s rare to find someone who hasn’t seen or heard of Mia Khalifa. The notorious clear skinned Lebanese actress is quite well known in adult circles.

Her fame has cost her, however. Mia recently revealed the reason for her step back from pornography: militant group and self-proclaimed Islamic Caliphate, ISIS.

mia khalifa

Mia was the top ranked adult actress on PornHub. (Source: Instagram)

Apparently, the militant group sent a few choice death threats her way, causing the adult film star to panic. She has now stopped filming, or appearing in, any sort of pornography. Mia has taken a complete step back.


She loved exploring new sexual boundaries in her adult films. (Source: Instagram)


Mia has never been shy of the camera. (Source: Instagram)

Her new career is a little mind-boggling, given her history. She now works as a sports show host. In fact, she recently interviewed disgraced cyclist, Lance Armstrong, and told him all about the ISIS’ threats.


However, her Arab background has her in a world of trouble from Middle Eastern people. (Source: Instagram)

“It all started to spiral out of control when the death threats from ISIS started coming in. That’s when I stepped away,” she said.

The Daily Star also reported that Mia took this decision just as she started to become particularly popular. Her notoriety has cost her big.


She never felt pressurized, until militant group ISIS stepped in. (Source: Instagram)


ISIS reached out to her and gave her various death threats. (Source: Instagram)

Mishandled fame aside, it’s not so difficult to understand why she’d be under pressure from extremist Islamist groups; one of Mia’s most popular videos on PornHub shows her wearing a Hijab.

The Hijab is the mark of a practicing Muslim woman; it’s a garment that covers the head and is deeply rooted in Islamic history and culture. It also depicts modesty and religious piety. Mia’s brazen use of it in a pornographic video was bound to raise a few eyebrows, and, allegedly, a couple of death threats too.


She even backed off from her private Patreon profile. (Source: Instagram

Speaking of the threats, Mia asserted that she didn’t see anything wrong with the Hijab video. Born and raised a Lebanese-American Christian woman, she said she’s seen much more insulting content.

Apparently, she has viewed videos that have attacked Islam and made fun of it in a much more disrespectful way; she doesn’t understand why ISIS picked up on her video in particular.


The Lebanese-American woman is actually a history major. (Source: Instagram)


She also said pornography was just a way for her to let loose. (Source: Instagram)


She has started a career in sports where she interviewed cyclist Lance Armstrong. (Source: Instagram)

ISIS’ motivations have not been cleared up, but Mia has stepped back. In the interview with Armstrong, she also said that porn wasn’t a serious career choice for her.

“I just wanted to let loose and rebel a little bit,” she said.

Her days of rebellion have now ended. The History major wants to stick to the straight and narrow. Hopefully, she doesn’t end up angering any more militant groups; that can only end badly.


She said she didn’t understand why her hijab video came under scrutiny. (Source: Instagram)


Mia is a Christian American woman, and feels no connection with Muslim Arabs. (Source: Instagram)


Her fans are pretty disappointed in her change of career, though. (Source: Instagram)

Shame, though: she was one of PornHub’s top ranked performers and her profile was instantly recognizable throughout the Western and Arab worlds. Perhaps, that was one of her biggest problems, since she was also ostracized by people in the Middle East who said she was a disgrace to the region.

Mia lives far away, though, in Miami. With a bit of luck, her new career track will work out, leaving her safe from any and all threats.

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