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Melanie Martinez Accuses Former Best Friend, Timothy Heller, of Being “Plastic” and “Fake” in New Hit Song, ‘PiggyBack’

by Nayab

2017 has been a monumental year in several ways. Most importantly, it’s been a year in which celebrities have opened up about their sexual assault experiences. Timothy Heller is no exception. She’s Melanie Martinez’s ex-best friend, and she said she’s been wronged, big time.


Melanie is known for her iconic split style hair that makes her look like a doll. (Source: Instagram)

Timothy accused Martinez for raping her, and Martinez has now repsonded with a song.The new song, called ‘Piggyback’, has gone viral for many reasons. In the lyrics, Martinez calls out “fake” and “plastic” people who’ve used her to get fame and stardom.


The singer experiments with a lot of different folksy styles and themes. (Source: Instagram)

Martinez originally appeared as a contestant on The Voice, but didn’t go through to the final round. She wasn’t discouraged, though, and made an Indie YouTube page for herself.

The singer quickly made a name for herself with her artsy soulful style – and her hair, that’s split in the middle with two different dyes.


Heller’s initial post where she highlighted all the things Martinez put her through. (Source: Twitter)

“I worked hard for my s–t, put my love in this s–t, now you’re trying to kill my name for some fame, what is this?” she sings.


Heller has since moved on to a new best friend. (Source: Twitter)

“You’re lying your way to try and gain a piece of me when you could never come close ’cause I know my destiny.”

‘Piggyback’ is a clear response to ex-best friend Timothy Heller’s accusations against the singer.


Heller wrote a long and graphic post about the alleged sexual assault (Source: Twitter)

Earlier, on December 4, 2017, Heller accused Martinez of having raped her while the pair were hanging out together.


Heller said she was kept up by “my best friend begging me to sleep with her.” (Source: Twitter)

Heller gave a detailed and graphic description of how Martinez made inappropriate sexual advances towards her. The singer also apparently knew Heller had a boyfriend but pushed anyway.


“I was molested by my best friend,” Heller said. (Source: Twitter)

“The bottom line that I need to always remind myself is that: I said no,” she wrote.


She said she didn’t try to stop it because she felt out of control. (Source: Twitter)

“For TWO NIGHTS STRAIGHT. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t resist during the action. I had been broken down. She knew I didn’t want to, I made that clear,” she finished.

Martinez allegedly assaulted Heller with forced oral sex and also inserted a sex toy inside her.


Timothy Heller spoke up about her experience and got a lot of fan love. (Source: Twitter)

“I have kept this secret for years, convincing myself that it wasn’t a big deal and I wasn’t hurt by it. The thought of accepting that my best friend raped me seems insane,” Heller wrote.


Melanie has adamantly denied all the assault allegations. (Source: Instagram)

“But I began to get responses I wasn’t expecting. Concerned ones. It’s hard to say someone you loved raped you. Someone you STILL love.” 


According to Heller, Martinez manipulated her whenever she felt moody. (Source: Instagram)

She continued to write that Martinez had exercised immense “power and control” over her and she felt helpless in front of her best friend’s moods.


She and Heller used to be very close when they were younger. (Source: Instagram)

Martinez responded right the very next day, writing, “I am horrified and saddened by the statements and story told tonight by Timothy Heller.”


Martinez completely denied all of Heller’s accusations. (Source: Twitter)


Many fans have accused Heller of spreading fake news about Martinez. (Source: Instagram)

“What she and I shared was a close friendship for a period of time. We came into each other’s lives as we were both starting our careers as artists, and we tried to help each other,” she continued.


Heller and Martinez split on very bitter terms, for obvious reasons. (Source: Instagram)

“We both had pain in dealing with our individual demons and the new paths we were forging, but I truly felt we were trying to lift each other up.”

She adamantly emphasized that that Heller had “never said no” to what they had done together.


Martinez’s style and appearance have become instantly recognizable (Source: Instagram)

Martinez’s new song has only created more of a stir about the situation. Fans are divided, though.


Martinez plans to talk more about the fake people in her life in upcoming projects. (Source: Instagram)

Some passionate justice warriors burned all their Melanie Martinez merchandise once Heller made her accusation. Others just insisted that Heller was and still is trying to get attention.


The feud and drama are still ongoing and fans are waiting to see what happens next. (Source: Instagram)

There is still news to follow, as Heller is expected to give a formal response to the new song.

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