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Victoria’s Secret Angel, Martha Hunt, Gets Splashed with a Bucket Full of Water During a Photo Shoot!

by Nayab

Victoria’s Secret Angel, Martha Hunt, chokes after a bucket full of water was thrown right at her face! 

There aren’t many jobs that require their employees to willingly pose while water is thrown at them, let alone pose in a sexy manner unflinchingly.

Martha Hunt gets splash of water right in her face during soggy photo shoot (Source: Instagram)

The model started the shoot with a confident look and manner. (Source: Instagram)

Martha Hunt, Victoria’s Secret supermodel, has the one job that does have those requirements.

Recently, the young model shared a video on her Instagram page in which she’s seen modelling for a photo-shoot.

Poor Martha gasped after she was hit with the water. (Source: Instagram)


Martha takes a second to recover from the cold dip. (Source: Instagram)

In the video, she can be seen wearing an already soaking wet billowy red ensemble and striking a fierce pose. Her wet hair hung around her shoulder as she looked deep into the camera with half lidded eyes.


She recovers like a soldier, clearing out water from her eyes. (Source: Instagram)

Suddenly, the photographer’s assistant flung a bucket of water right onto her face!

It wasn’t meant as any sort of insult or abuse but to get a certain look for the photographs being taken. Martha took it like a soldier, giving the photographer her best pose.

The VS model attempts to carry on in endearing pose. (Source: Instagram)

But the huge splash hit her at a very uncomfortable angle and made her blink. She also low-key snorted and coughed to get the water out.

The slender model also almost reeled backwards because of the impact.

Once she was done, she reacted with a stunned laugh. Fans are calling her reaction ‘endearing’.


Martha strikes a sultry pose in another VS campaign shoot. (Source: Instagram)



The 28-year-old really seems to know how to work her best angles. (Source: Instagram)

Martha dedicated the soggy shoot to ‘all the models that have been there’.

Fans reacted in all sorts of ways. Some suspected conspiracy, while others called it a funny coincidence.


She’s a pro at giving fierce poses, even when there’s a challenge. (Source: Instagram)

One person wrote, “This is hysterical lol.”

“OMG I love this, so funny!” another added.


Martha flaunts some new VS lingerie. (Source: Instagram)

The conspiracy theorists chimed in as well.

One claimed that the assistant had pulled the stunt as a deviant trick.

“Feel like she did that on purpose,” they wrote.


Clearly, a soak hasn’t stopped her from looking her best. (Source: Instagram)

Another added to the remark, saying, “what awful timing!”

Martha’s photo shoot is still a mystery. Many fans have tried to guess what she was modelling for but so far, no one has come up with a theory that sticks.


A look into her casual life, with her fuzzy pet! (Source: Instagram)

The model has already walked the catwalk for almost every big time designer in the industry. She is also one of the busiest professionals around.


Martha modeling a cheeky pair of VS lingerie. (Source: Instagram)

She was officially confirmed as a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2015. Previously, she walked for the brand in various shows since 2013.

Fans are eagerly waiting to see what the results of the photo shoot are!

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