Lindsay Lohan Bitten by Snake on Vacation in Thailand
Lindsay Lohan was bitten by a snake while vacationing in Thailand. But she considers it to be a good luck, as told by her 'Shamam'.

The travel freak, Lindsay Lohan, recently disclosed that she was bitten by a snake while hiking in Thailand!

Lindsay Lohan’s story of snake bite. (Source: Lindsay’s Instagram story)

She talked about this ‘lucky’ incident in her Instagram stories on Wednesday. In her first video the actress showed the view of Phuket and said, “I love this, it’s so beautiful, amazing place, aside from my snake bite!”

Lindsay Lohan

Linds smiles as she clicks the shot. (Source: Getty Images)

She continued in her second story and said, “Hi! I’m still in Phuket in Thailand, it’s beautiful here, and yeah I got bit by snake on a hike the other day.”

LiLo pictures herself while vacationing in Thailand. (Source: Lindsay’s Instagram Story)

The 31-year-old filmstar later assured her fans that she is perfectly fine:


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“The positive side of it is, I’m OK. Happy New Year and God bless. Ciao.”

Lindsay Lohan flaunts her blonde look. (Source: Lindsay’s Instagram)

LiLo also considered the snake bite as good luck. The actress said, “Actually my shaman told me it was good luck and positive energy so God bless.”

The star takes a unique mirror selfie. (Source: Lindsay’s Instagram)

La Lohan was lately hit with a $100,000 tax, so it seems like luck is really something that she might be in need of now.

According to People, she owed the duty for the years 2010, 2014 and 2015. Consequently, Lindsay and her family launched an investigation against her team for not handling things properly.

LL features in a magazine cover. (Source: Lindsay’s Instagram)

The ‘Mean Girls‘ star has been living in Dubai and London for a few years now.

However, the American celebrity spent her Christmas adventuring in Thailand. She also wished her social media fans happy holidays on Christmas Eve.

Lohan gives a cute pout. (Source: Lindsay’s Instagram)

Linds didn’t make any public appearance until this month when she attended the Jingle Ball in New York. Lohan even showed some moves on Taylor Swift’s song, ‘Shake It Off’.

Lindsay smiles while laying in bed. (Source: Lindsay’s Instagram)

Lindsay poses while sitting on an airplane. (Source: Lindsay’s Instagram)

Let’s see how lucky her snake bite is!


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