Kim Kardashian Claps Back at Former BFF Lindsay Lohan!
Reality TV superstar and mom of 3, Kim Kardashian West, made a fantastic clap back at former best friend Lindsay Lohan on her Instagram picture.

Major glam queen, Kim Kardashian, has made yet another drastic style change!

The mother of 3 recently posted a video on her Snapchat in which she’s sporting new and intricate braids. The braids are tightly coiled and have beads dotted in them.

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s new do (Source: Snapchat)

kim kardashian

Kim admires her new braids. (Source: Snapchat)

They resemble Fulani braids, which are a traditional hair style adopted by the Fulani women of East and West Africa.

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kim kardashian

Kim shows a side view. (Source: Snapchat)

Kim K, however, credited her style to Caucasian actress Bo Derek, who was known for this look in her 1979 movie, 10.


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kim kardashian

Kim K claps back. (Source: Instagram)

Asides from facing allegations of cultural appropriation, Kim got some shade from former best friend and actress, Lindsay Lohan.

kim kardashian

Bo Derek, actress from ’10’. (Source: Instagram)

The Parent Trap actress commented on Perez Hilton’s picture of Kim’s braids, saying, “I am confused.”

Kim was not having it.

kim kardashian

Kim shows off new braids in racy picture. (Source: Instagram)

She replied with a cut direct, writing, You know what’s confusing….. Your sudden foreign accent.”

kim kardashian

More braid flaunting. (Source: Instagram)

The Keeping up with the Kardashians star was referring to Lindsay’s 2016 confusing jumble of an accent.

kim kardashian

Kim wants to break the internet again. (Source: Instagram)

“It’s a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn,” Lindsay told the Daily Mail in 2016.

kim kardashian

Another do, another pose (Source: Instagram)

“I’ve been learning different languages since I was a child. I’m fluent in English and French can understand Russian and am learning Turkish, Italian and Arabic.”

Kim might just break the internet again. (Source: Instagram)

However, her accent seemed to have taken a walk and gone missing recently. Her appearance on The Wendy Williams Show proved the accent’s absence.

kim kardashian

She appears to rifle through old pictures. (Source: Instagram)

In her video, Kim sways her head while admiring her new twisted locks.

She says, “So guys I got Bo Derek braids, and I’m really into it.”

kim kardashian

People are not having it. (Source: Twitter)

We love her iconic klap-back but let’s shelve that to talk about what other people are saying about her new do.

She’s been accused of more cultural appropriation since she referred to a white woman who had the same hairstyle.

kim kardashian

Another disgruntled spectator. (Source: Twitter)

Toni Love, a cosmetologist, barber, author and instruction talked about the phenomenon in an interview with Ebony last year.

“History tells us cornrows originated in Africa. The intricate braiding of the hair indicated the tribe you belonged to,” she said.

kim kardashian

Lindsay’s bizarre caption read ‘Salam Aleikum sister’. (Source: Instagram)

Toni further said, “Cornrows on women date back to at least 3000 B.C. and as far back as the nineteenth century for men, particularly in Ethiopia. Warriors and kings were identified by their braided hairstyles.” 

People are accusing Kim of robbing this ancient and sacred ethnic culture… for fashion.

kim kardashian

Kim was accused of blackface. (Source: Twitter)

This isn’t the first time the 37-year-old has come under fire for cultural appropriation. She recently faced blackface accusations for her new makeup line.

Fans argued that she had deliberately photoshopped herself to look more tan.

kim kardashian

Kim leaves the drama with a hair flip. (Source: Instagram)

Whatever the case, Kim threw some fantastic shade and proved that she doesn’t give two braid-flips about haters!


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