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‘It’s Taco Wednesday!’ Kim Kardashian with Sister Kourtney and Mom Kris Jenner Partied with Jennifer Lopez at her New York Mansion!

by Faryal

Kim Kardashian West is living it up these holidays! The Instagram socialite was seen relishing a delightful evening of ‘Taco Wednesday’ at the A-list singer, Jennifer Lopez’s house.

At the beginning of the video, Kim Kardashian was sitting in her car with Momager Kris Jenner, who is the brains behind the Kardashian franchise. They both were driving to J. Lo’s house to have a fun-filled eve.

Jennifer Lopez

Momager and Kim headed to the party at J. Lo’s house. (Source: Kim’s Snapchat)

In her Snapchat video, Kim said, “Heading to Taco Wednesday” and her mom, who was sitting right next to her in a very fancy Gucci coat said cheerfully, “Taco Wednesday.”

Kris Jenner exhibited her luxurious fur coat on Khloe Kardashian’s Snapchat on Christmas morning. Khloe also glorified her mother saying, “It looks like a Gucci store threw up on her.”

Jennifer Lopez

Business mogul, Kim Kardashian poses with a friend. (Sources: Kim’s Snapchat)

Kim also took a sweet selfie in her car while she was on her way to the event. She shut her eyes and made a perfect pout with her lips for the camera and captioned it:

“Rare Selfie.”

Kimmie’s icy blonde hair and short bob looked absolutely winning on her.

Jennifer Lopez

Kimmy K pouts for the camera! (Source: Kim’s Snapchat)

Her video went on to reveal the host of the evening, Jennifer Lopez. Oh la la! She was wearing an exquisite outfit!

Jenny from the Block wore a shimmering purple jumpsuit as it had glitter and bling all over. She coupled her rich looks with straight hair and black high heels. Magnificent!

Jennifer Lopez

The host of the evening looked beautiful in her purple jumpsuit. (Source: Kim’s Snapchat)

Kim Kardashian while filming J. Lo from bottom to top said, “Who else would host a Taco Wednesday, in this outfit… this gorgeous girl! Taco Wednesday!” As Kim filmed the singer, J. Lo burst into laughter.

Jennifer Lopez

Kim and J. Lo have been friends for a very long time. (Source: Kim’s Snapchat)

Jennifer Lopez

Kourtney Kardashian makes funny faces in the back. (Source: Kim’s Snapchat)

The 37-year-old actress also took videos of the buffet that Jennifer and her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez had prepared for their guests. It was a lavish feast for more than a hundred people at their New York house.

Jennifer Lopez

There was mouth-watering food at J. Lo’s party. (Source: Kim’s Snapchat)

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star made sure to record the entire occasion for her Snapchat followers. The model shot another video where the ladies posed together. The snap story included Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Kimmy K herself.

Jennifer Lopez

Girls having fun at the party! (Source: Kim’s Snapchat)

At first, Lopez didn’t realize that Kim was actually taking a video and started to pose for a selfie. After knowing that it was a video, she playfully said, “Why am I always doing that in a video!”

Good Ol’ Jennifer Lopez!

Jennifer Lopez

The ‘On the floor’ singer poses with food. (Source: Kim’s Snapchat)

Jennifer Lopez

Kim wore her pink fur coat to J. Lo’ event. (Source: Kim’s Snapchat)

The moms were also seen bonding with each other at the party. Kris Jenner and Jennifer’s mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez were photographed side by side by Kim. The two daughters then joined their old women for a joyous selfie together.

The Kardashians bring everything to shine wherever they go!

Jennifer Lopez

Mama Lopez and Mama Kardashian spend some bonding time. (Source: Kim’s Snapchat)

Jennifer Lopez

The Kardashian and Lopez Women take a selfie. (Source: Kim’s Snapchat)

Recently, the Kardashian family had great moments at their Christmas Eve party. The famous sisters took tons of pictures with their guests and had the time of their lives. Although we didn’t see Kylie in any of the snaps, it was later revealed that she was indeed spending Christmas with her clan.

Jennifer Lopez

Pregnant sisters, Kylie and Khloe at the Christmas Eve party. (Source: Khloe’s Snapchat)

Jennifer Lopez

Kylie still hasn’t confirmed her pregnancy to the world. (Source: Khloe’s Snapchat)

Kim wore a short fitted purple dress which had blue and yellow stripes over her torso. She was looking fabulous!

Khloe too looked superb at the party. She wore a sparkly silver dress which covered her baby bump, and high ponytail which was split in half. She loved her hair.

Jennifer Lopez

Kylie’s outfit for the Christmas Eve party. (Source: Khloe’s Instagram)

While Baby K looked straight gorgeous, she was a little upset over her sobriety at the party due to her pregnancy!

We cannot wait to see what they do for the New Year!

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