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Bento - The Much Loved Keyboard Cat Successor Passes Away At Age 9
Bento, the new generation Keyboard Cat passed away on 8th of March 2018. The owner, Charlie Schmidt broke the news through a heart wrenching tribute on YouTube.

Bento, the new generation Keyboard Cat, passed away on 8th of March 2018!

The owner, Charlie Schmidt broke the news through a heart wrenching tribute on Youtube.


Bento, the 9 year old Keyboard Cat passed away on 8th March 2018 (Source: Facebook)

The Keyboard Cat is a long loved meme that has existed since 1984 on Youtube. Charlie Schmidt uploaded a video of his cat, Fatso, playing an upbeat electronic piano thanks to his manipulation.

The ginger cat, adorned a blue button-up shirt as her owner, Charlie, manipulated her into playing the electronic piano.


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In 1984, Fatso gained popularity as the Keyboard Cat because of Charlie Schmidt’s VHS video uploaded on YouTube. (Source: YouTube)

This video was originally titled ‘Cool Cat’. However, Charlie soon changed the name to ‘Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat! – THE ORIGINAL!’, which now stands at an outstanding 50 million views!

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Bento served as the reincarnation of Fatso when he was adopted by Charlie in 2010. (Source: Facebook)

In 2009, it started being used to ‘play someone off’ after what was (or is, we cannot keep track of what is hip anymore on the net now) an ‘epic fail’.

Furthermore, Stephen Colbet contributed to the growing popularity of the Keyboard Cat by utilizing it in a ‘toss’ on May 18, 2009 on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.


Bento Keyboard Cat entertained his fans with his piano skills and adorable personality for years. (Source: Facebook)

In fact, Andy Samberg’s opening monologue at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. He included the idea that award winners whose speech would be too long would be played off by Keyboard Cat.


Bento lays beside Fatso, his predecessor and the original Keyboard Cat. (Source: Facebook)

Let’s not forget numerous other video games such as Splinter Cell featured Keyboard Cat. Even TV shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made use of Keyboard Cat’s popularity.

In 2010, Charlie adopted Bento from a shelter. He was said to have been a reincarnation of the much loved pianist, Fatso.


Bento with his much loved owner, Charlie Schmidt. (Source: Facebook)

He posted a video of Bento carrying on the legacy of Fatso with the following description:

“REJOICE!!! The waiting is over. As predicted by Keyboard Cat Church…He is back!!! Fatso is reincarnated as ‘Bento’. He comes with Fatso’s approval, support, talent and spirit. It is truly time to celebrate!”

Indeed, the entire internet definitely did rejoice. Bento, after all, was a true prodigy just like his predecessor.

However, on Friday 8th March 2018, Bento (Age 9) joined Fatso in ‘Cat Heaven’ and left the internet mourning once again. Moreover, even Grumpy Cat expressed his grief.

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat, another internet legend, expressed his grief for Bento, The Keyboard Cat. (Source: Twitter)

On March 16th 2018, Charlie posted a rather heart wrenching tribute to The Keyboard Cat Bento on YouTube.

The video was titled ‘Keyboard Cat, Bento, A Tribute’ and it caused the 145k subscribers of Keyboard Cat to mourn the loss of another Internet legend.

The video featured some of Bento’s most loved clips including some of his appearances in commercials.

The Keyboard Cat faithfully entertained his fans as one of the most loved internet memes and legends with his piano skills.


Rest in Peace, Bento. Hope they have Keyboards in Cat Heaven. (Source: Facebook)

Rest in Peace, Bento (Nov. 4, 2009 – Mar. 8, 2018). We all hope you find all the catnip with Fatso and do a duet.


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