Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Decide to Take a Break
The hottest rekindled romance in town seems to be in trouble again. Just when everyone thought Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were together for good, the two are on a break - yet again!

Uh-Oh. It looks like the world’s most popular rekindled romance isn’t that dreamy, after all. Rumor has it Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are going through a rough patch in their on-again relationship, and are currently on a ‘break’.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber arrive at the 2011 American Music Awards in Los Angeles, California. (Source: Getty Images)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomes decided to give each other another chance in November 2017, after breaking up for the last time in 2015. Since then, fans have only seen happy and perfect photos of them, assuming that the two are, indeed, happy with their decision.

Justin Beiber

The couple attends a basketball game on April 17, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Source: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

Fans really though the two are back together for good this time. However, it has recently been revealed that there may be some trouble in paradise. The two stars have decided to give each other space for some time, as reported by E! News. This seems to be because of small arguments the two have been having for a while – along with one huge one.

Selena Gomez

Actress awarded Woman of the year at Billboard Women In Music 2017. (Source: Getty Images)

Reportedly, they are in touch but are not ‘together’ at the moment.


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“They were having a lot of little disagreements recently and one fight in particular blew up and caused them to decide to ‘break up’. However, they’ve been in contact the entire time and their feelings for each other have not changed,” the source told E! News.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have always been in the public eye. (Source: Getty Images)

It is also being said that much of their problems spring from how public their relationship is; since several years, fans have been in on the on-again-off-again romance between the two singers. This now seems to have become an uncomfortable factor, causing problems between the two.

“They both have expressed that they have been feeling overwhelmed with a lot of pressure that has come with their public relationship,” the insider further explained.

Selena Gomez

Fans have always followed their on-again-off-again romance. (Source: Getty Images)

However, it has also been reassured that the couple is NOT breaking up, and that this really is just a break to figure things out.

“They will absolutely get back together and they are not over, but they both need some time away from each other.”

Fans are speculating that Justin might be cheating on Selena again. (Source: Instagram)

Recently, fans also noticed that Justin Bieber had liked another woman’s photo in Instagram. While this doesn’t seem that odd in itself, the photo was actually two weeks old at the time Justin liked it, signifying some serious stalking. The woman in question was model, Inanna Sarkis.

The model captioned the post that Bieber recently liked “Hey sunshine!”. The picture was posted on the 17th of February. (Source: Instagram)

Fans are now of the view that this could be the reason the couple has been fighting. Or, perhaps, Justin deliberately liked the photo after the couple had already engaged in a fight.


Justin has recently been reported to be following Christianity to make Selena happy. (Source: Instagram)

Selena, on the other hand, seems to be dealing with some family issues. It is no secret that the Heart Wants What It Wants singer’s mother is not particularly pleased with Bieber. She has publicly expressed her disapproval of Justin.

She, along with some of Selena’s long-time friends, is scared that the two are not a good match, and that Justin might break Selena’s heart again.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and her mother hug for a cute picture. (Source: Getty Images)

Selena Gomez

Mandy Teefey does not approve of Justin Bieber. (Source: Getty Images)

According to the inside source, Selena is using the time off to mend such issues, particularly with her mother.

Just weeks before this, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted together at Justin’s father’s wedding in Jamiaca.


The pair attended Jeremy Bieber’s wedding and stuck together like glue. (Source: Instagram)

The two seemed to be perfectly happy together at the time, and were even seen sneaking off the wedding to enjoy some intimate moments together. They were even spotted by a random beach-goer, Lexi, in her own selfie!


Lexi was just taking an innocuous selfie when she spotted the cute couple at the back. (Source: Instagram)

Selena recently also wished Justin a happy birthday in the most adorable Instagram post.

The ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ singer wished rekindled romance, Justin, on his birthday. (Source: Instagram)

She posted a photo of herself with a Polaroid of Justin stuck to her forehead and captioned the picture, “March 1, 1994 someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. Boom.”

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber at the American Music Awards. (Source: Getty Images)

Selena Gomez

Justin and Selena arrive for the premiere of ‘Katy Perry: Part Of Me’. (Source: GettyImages)

There are millions around the world who have been following the couple ever since their first date in 2010, and have stuck with them through their several breakups and patchups. They are all sincerely hoping Justin and Selena overcome their disagreements and get back together soon.


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