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Carpool Karaoke with a Painful Twist! Popular Host, James Corden, Punched in the Face By Angry New Yorker!

by Nayab

James Corden is known for two things: a hit YouTube show in which he sings with famous singers, and comic moments in which he tries to sing and fails.

james corden

Shaggy, James and Sting wait for a train (Source: YouTube)

Well, he’s just unlocked a new notoriety factor: getting punched in the face for his singing!

Achievement unlocked, James.

james corden

Before they started singing (Source: YouTube)

On a recent episode of the show, a confident James got onto the New York subway with singers, Shaggy and Sting, in tow.

james corden

They break out with ‘It Wasn’t Me’ (Source: YouTube)

While waiting for the train, he explained, “When we’re in Los Angeles, we do karaoke in the carpool lane. But here in New York, they do things a little differently.”

james corden

The audience is mostly uninterested (Source: YouTube)

That’s why I’m here with Sting and Shaggy to put a little spin on Carpool Karaoke.”

james corden

The trio keep jamming (Source: YouTube)

“This is Subway Carpool Karaoke!”

The trio swaggered onto the subway car, intending to perform their GRAMMYs sketch.

james corden

The angry construction worker (Source: YouTube)

They started off with a loud rendition of Every Breath You Take, with James holding a red and black oval boom box, while also singing at the top of his lungs!

james corden

James retorts to the angry man (Source: YouTube)

An irritated construction worker sitting across them interrupted the music, saying, Hey, fellas! Knock it off, you’re annoying everyone on the train!”

james corden

The guy starts swearing at them (Source: YouTube)

“No we’re doing a Carpool Karaoke Special in New York,” James retorted.

james corden

The trio moves along the train (Source: YouTube)

The construction worker replied, “I don’t give a f***. Shut up!”

James and the two singers backed down, whispering under their breaths, “He’s quite scary, man. Quite scary.”

james corden

Passengers getting very annoyed (Source: YouTube)

They got up to move further on in the car. James switched on his boom box and the trio started to perform It Wasn’t Me.

james corden

More annoyed passengers (Source: YouTube)

There was some dancing too, in attempts to engage the uninterested audience. Howver, people were not amused. Instead, they threw a lot of pointed and annoyed glances!

james corden

Old and young, everyone is irked (Source: YouTube)

james corden

Man tells James he doesn’t have change (Source: YouTube)

One man in a gray coat thought the singers were begging! He told James, “Sorry, man I don’t have any change on me.”

James was visibly offended! Another pissed off audience member, an old woman, also asked the trio to stop.

james corden

Another irritated audience member (Source: YouTube)

james corden

The granny gets annoyed (Source: YouTube)

James told her it was for the GRAMMYs, to which she said, “This grammy wants none of it. I don’t want to be in your stupid YouTube video.”

james corden

Angry guy confronts James again (Source: YouTube)

The musical trio continued, eventually getting into a face-off with the angry construction guy.  There was initially some argument, after which the crazed New Yorker snapped and punched James right in the nose!

james corden

James fights back (Source: YouTube)

What a left hook he had!

The next scene showed James, Shaggy and Sting sitting by themselves; James’ nose was bleeding profusely.

james corden

James gets punched in the face (Source: YouTube)

Sting said, “Whose stupid idea was this?”
In a hilarious ending to the episode, Shaggy replied, “It Wasn’t Me.”

james corden

The defeated trio sigh over their fate (Source: YouTube)

We know it’s a sketch, we know it’s not real, but that doesn’t stop us from loving every minute of it!

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