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Teenage YouTube Star, Isabelly Cristine Santos, Left ‘Brain Dead’ After Deadly Road Rage Fight in Brazil

by Nayab

14-year-old YouTube star, Isabelly Cristine Santos, got tangled up in a road rage fight gone wrong. She is now left brain dead after being shot right in the head, in southern Brazil Parana state!


14 year old Isa is a top YouTube star and prominent personality. (Source: YouTube)

The unfortunate young woman had to fight for her life after she got mixed up in gunfire on the motorway during a row. She was on the road located between the beachy towns of Ipanema and Praia de Leste in Parana, Brazil.

The incident happened around 1.50 a.m, after there was some sort of argument between the drivers of two cars. Shots were openly fired on the car that Isa was traveling in. She received a bullet to the head and was rushed to emergency care at the Regional do Litoral Hospital in Paranagua, close by. Unfortunately, it was too late.


Isa routinely interviewed different celebrities on her self made show. (Source: YouTube)

Isabelly Cristine Santos was a popular YouTube star. The young vlogger has more than 80,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel called ‘Isa Top Show’. Isa conducted a series of interviews in Portuguese. Her channel is known to be ‘full of interviews, news, entertainment, music, beauty tips and fashion.’


The YouTuber designed her own logo for the channel. (Source: YouTube)

She entertained a lot of people with her bright, pleasant personality and fun appearance.


The spunky YouTuber went around meeting famous rappers. (Source: YouTube)

However, she is now lying in a hospital bed and has officially been pronounced ‘brain dead’ by her doctor.

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The YouTuber was often called on to speak on other shows too. (Source: YouTube)


Isa is 14 but appeared much older in many of her videos. (Source: YouTube)



She was also called on to give interviews on other YouTubers’ shows. (Source: YouTube)

Her neurologist described her condition as ‘serious, very serious’.

Her devastated mother posted on social media, saying, “The doctor just said that she (Isabelly) is brain dead.”


There weren’t many local celebs who didn’t know the YouTube star. (Source: YouTube)

The military police have confirmed that they have two suspects currently in custody. They raided the suspects’ houses and found two firearms at the scene. However, the firearms were legally registered and not stolen or stashed illegally.

Lieutenant Colonel Rui Barroso spoke to reporters. He said, “Neither of the two suspects has a criminal history. The firearm was legally registered.”


Isa’s family is utterly devastated after the tragedy. (Source: YouTube)

What’s more, the police didn’t need to look for suspects for long. One of them, the main offender it seems, gave himself up, perhaps out of guilt.

Barroso confirmed this, saying, “The offender confessed.”


The teenager was full of life till the last moment, friends say. (Source: YouTube)

The suspects may not have been charged yet. Isa is the only victim who was injured in the incident, it seems. Police don’t know who was driving the cars or what caused the drivers to quarrel.


Along with interviews, Isa also did make up tutorials and gave culinary advice. (Source: YouTube)


The YouTube community is mourning Isa’s loss. (Source: YouTube)

The most recent video on Isa’s YouTube channel is a tribute to her. She will definitely be missed by the YouTube community!

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