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FAKE ALERT! Here are Fifteen Celebrities Who Photoshopped Their Photos and Failed to Hide it on Instagram!

by Faryal

We all believe that celebrities are those beautiful creatures who are flawless! Well, these stars tend to disagree. Just like everyone else, they also try to improve themselves. Some exercise, some do yoga, while others embrace Photoshop to make themselves look more desirable.

Here are 15 of the top Photoshop fails on Instagram!

1. Kendall Jenner 

15 Photoshop Fails

Kendall Jenner posts a picture of her tanned butt. (Source: Kendall Jenner’s Instagram)

While Kendall’s butt looks extremely irresistible in this bold image, fans were smart enough to notice that the edge of the staircase right next to Kendall’s left arm is bent in an unusual way.

2. Ariana Grande

15 Photoshop fails

Ariana Grande looks lovely in pink. (Source: Ariana Grande’s Instagram)

What is wrong with Ariana Grande’s hand?

Ariana’s left hand seems abnormally large in comparison to her sleek, tender and petite figure. Now that’s freaky!

3. Beyonce

15 Photoshop Fails

Beyonce enjoying the sun. (Source: Beyonce’s Instagram)

Beyonce looks like a real queen in this picture. Her sun hat and sexy shades are magnificent. But as one gives a little more attention to the minute details, Beyonce’s phone and wine glass seem to be bent out of shape.

If you are wondering why that is, then the answer is bad Photoshop skills!

4. Khloe Kardashian

15 Photoshop fails

Khloe takes a picture in a sports bra and yoga pants. (Source: Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram)

Well, Khloe is clearly rocking that well-toned stomach in this mirror selfie. However, it’s not hard to tell that Khloe’s photo has clearly been tampered with.

The Revenge Body host’s waist on the left side of the photo is oddly sticking out of her pants. What is up with that?

5. Britney Spears

15 Photoshop fails

Britney looks lovely by the poolside. (Source: Britney Spears’s Instagram)

Britney Spears looks like a real treat in this photo! It breaks our heart to realize that it’s been Photoshopped to make her look more sexy than usual.

The arch in her back is fabricated via software to make it look curvy and alluring. But oops! There’s an error; the artist behind this clearly forgot to add the tiles next to the water in the pool.

6. Martha Hunt

15 Photoshop fails

Martha looks lovely in a purple bra. (Source: Victoria’s Secret’s Instagram)

This beautiful photo of Martha Hunt was uploaded on Victoria’s Secret Instagram. But if you look closely, there is something outrageous going on with the picture.

Martha’s elbow appearing behind the other model is strangely situated. It is impossible for her to stretch out her elbow that far unless she is an alien disguised in human skin.

7. John Mayer

Fifteen Photoshop Fails

John Mayer looks quite handsome in this picture. (Source: John Mayer’s Instagram)

Umm.. that is too flawless to be real. So clearly it’s Photoshopped!

John Mayer uploaded a selfie with his friend Ricky, and it displayed angel-like skin on the two ‘men’.

Anyone can tell that’s not real, John!

8. Gordon Ramsay

15 Photoshop Fails

Kris Jenner and Gordon Ramsay pose with her cookbook. (Source: Kris Jenner’s Instagram)

Kris Jenner and Gordon Ramsay also gave us tips on getting unrealistic and barbie-like skin!

9. Kourtney Kardashian

15 Photoshop fails

Kourtney Kardashian’s armpit looks very strange. (Source: Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram)

Here is Kourtney’s selfie with her friend.

But what’s that lump hanging from Kourtney’s armpit? Some people said she probably had not shaved her armpits so decided to cover it with Photoshop.

Well Kourtney, either use the Photoshop better or just take a selfie later when your armpits are clean!

10. Lindsay Lohan

15 Photohop Fails

Lindsay bending down to take her photo. (Source: Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram)

Lindsay Lohan posted a snap of herself in black clothes. Here, she is bending forward in the photo highlighting her curvy butt.

But her bottom might not be as attractive as the picture manifests. The door right behind her butt and legs looks bent. It seems like someone meddled with the image to highlight her features.

Although, she removed the picture later because it attracted too much criticism.

11. Selena Gomez

15 Photoshop fails

Selena takes a gorgeous selfie. (Source: Marissa Marino’s Instagram)

Selena looks perfectly drop-dead gorgeous in her selfie. It would have been even better if the picture was a 100% real.

If you pay a little more attention to the image, the door on the left above Selena’s shoulder is clearly seen coiled inwards.

Regardless, she looks impeccable!

12. Kylie Jenner

15 Photoshop fails

Kylie in grey and blue. (Source: Kylie Jenner’s Instagram)

As famously put by Nicki Minaj in her song, Anaconda, “Oh my God, look at her butt!”

The Kardashians are known for their goodly and attractive butts. But people questioned the originality of this image. A few fans said that the pockets and belt holes looked overly stretched.

Hmm… They do have a point.

13. Lady Gaga

15 Photoshop fails

Lady Gaga does yoga in leopard print underpants. (Source: Lady Gaga’s Instagram)

Lady Gaga uploaded a photo of her while posing in a yoga position.

We love her incredibly toned figure. Sadly, it might not be totally real. The mirror under Gaga’s arms and the floor under her stomach are distorted!

Technology has really made it difficult to be genuine these days. Damn!

14. Kim Kardashian

15 Photoshop fails

Kim has an invisible forearm. (Source: Kim Kardashian’s Instagram)

Uh… why does Kimmy K not have a forearm in this picture?

15. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

Miranda has a Photoshopped waistline. (Source: Miranda Kerr’s Instagram)

Vogue shared a picture of the Victoria’s Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr, where she looked absolutely stunning.

But when she uploaded the same picture on her Instagram page something was outlandishly different.

Miranda’s waistline looked tremendously reduced than in the original picture. She, on the other hand, defended herself by saying that she took the picture from google and was not aware of her Photoshopped waistline.

She has put back the original photo on her Instagram though.

One should at least know their own body, Miranda!

15 Photoshop fails

This is the original photo by Vogue. (Source: Miranda Kerr’s Instagram)

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