Fans Revel in Baby Morrison's Instagram Cuteness
Not many 5-month olds can boast of an Insta-following of over 20,000 but it's no surprise that Revel Morrison, "the prince of #morrisonadventures and bicoastal baby extraordinaire" does. 

Revel Morrison, a 5-month old, currently boasts a following of over 20,000 fans on Instagram with his cuteness!

Revel Morrison, aka, ‘the prince of #morrisonadventures and bicoastal baby extraordinaire’ is an adorable little toddler who has only 36 posts on Instagram.

Born to parents, actor Mathew Morrison and model Renee M. Morrison, Revel James Makai Morrison is just about the funniest 5-month old on the Gram. His account, which in all likelihood is run by his witty parents, is definitely one worth following.

Revel Morrison

Adorable Revel shows off his abs with an image captioned: “I told my parents I wouldn’t do it, but now I can’t stop chewing on my toes. Talk about foot-in-mouth syndrome, am I right?” (Source: Revel Morrison/Instagram)

Revel tries his hand at chopsticks and struggles just like the rest of us; except he’s 2.5 months old at the time! (Source: Revel Morrison/Instagram)

Revel’s account, titled “_r.e.v.e.l.a.t.i.o.n_” as a play on his name, started activity in October 2017, when the tiny human came into this world, weighing 6 lbs., 3 oz., and measuring 19½ inches long.


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Revel Morrison

“Hello World!!!”, the image caption reads. (Source: Revel Morrison/Instagram)

Revel’s dad is none other than actor, singer, and song-writer, Matthew Morrison, best known for his role as Will Schuester on the hit T.V. show Glee. The triple-threat has also starred in multiple Broadway and Off-Broadway productions which included the award-winning, Hairspray. 

Revel and dad Matthew Morrison, engrossed in a staring competition. (Source: Revel Morrison/Instagram)

Revel’s Instagram bio reads, “The prince ? of #morrisonadventures & bicoastal baby extraordinaire ? + aspiring stand-up comedian.” A very apt description as most of his posts come with comedic captions that speak to his fans’ hearts.

Revel Morrison

“Does @people have a cutest man of the year award?? I just melted my own heart with this pic ?” (Revel Morrison/Instagram)

The photo below is captioned, “I just love Monday mornings! Everyone ready to start the week off right?” is a meme-worthingly accurate representation of all of our back-to-work faces on Monday mornings.

(Source: Revel Morrison/Instagram)

Revel enjoys his “sleep all night, sleep all day” lifestyle, just like the rest of us.

“Sleep all night, sleep all day; it’s not just a motto, it’s a lifestyle. ???” (Source: Revel Morrison/Instagram)

He’s often featured on his feed with his tiny pal, Treble. Together they are referred to as “Ruff Riders” and they’re lovable enough to make our hearts swoon.

We’re first introduced to the two tater tots together in an image captioned: “introducing, Ruff Riders: The Adventures of Revel & Treble. Just two pups on a journey around the world ✈️?” (Source: Revel Morrison/Instagram)

“Lanikai: thank you for being our first beach, ever! I know I screamed and cried when they dipped my toes in the water but in hindsight, it was pretty magical. Aloha from the Ruff Riders, Revel & Treble.” (Source: Revel Morrison/Instagram)

“Ruff Riders take NY! We love hanging at the lake house but neither of us can skate, or make snow angels, or even walk. So it’s just us, cuddled up on the couch ?” (Source: Revel Morrison/Instagram)

Baby Morrison is also quite a fashionista, in the image below he boasts a drool-worthy expression donned in his colourful hat. The image is captioned, “It’s called high fashion, look it up.”

(Source: Revel Morrison/Instagram)

“it’s Mr. Steal Yo Mom ?” (Source: Revel Morrison/Instagram)

His mom, Renee M. Morrison, wrote a heart-wrenching six-post microblog-series on her Instagram account detailing the event of his birth. The doting mother regularly chronicles Revel’s life on her own account as well.

Renee is an actress, model and a recording artist. She and husband, Matthew, started dating in 2011 and got married in 2014.

“…i have never existed without you my son.. you have always been a part of me…” (Source: Renee M. Morrison/Instagram)

Revel gets his adorable looks in most part from his Mama Renee, pictured here. The resemblance is uncanny. (Source: Renee M. Morrison/Instagram)

Revel is barely 5-months old but we’re already huge fans and can’t wait to follow more of Prince Morrison’s adventures on Instagram.

5-month old Revel. (Source:Renee M. Morrison/Instagram)

Revel also featured in his dad’s latest Instagram post. The picture was taken behind-the-scenes of Revel’s family photoshoot with mom and dad in March 2018.

Captioned “life… raising this little boy puts everything into perspective. Thank you @_r.e.v.e.l.a.t.i.o.n_”, Morrison dotes on his little boy (Source: Matthew Morrison/Instagram)

The gorgeous family posts regularly on their social media accounts and we can’t wait to get more behind the scenes looks into their lives.

(Source: Matthew Morrison/Instagram)

But we have a clear favourite in the family, Revel; the little heartbreaker and comic genius has us hooked.


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