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Huntington Beach Man Has Been Visiting Disneyland for the Last 2,000 DAYS!

by Rahima Noor

Jeff Reitz, a 44-year-old veteran from Huntington Beach, has been visiting Disneyland since the last five and a half years! He has spent a total of 2000 days in Disney California Adventure Park! Proving that Disneyland is indeed the happiest place on Earth.


Jeff Reitz has spent 2000 days in Disneyland and California Adventure Park. (Source: Disney366_ )

Many people enjoy going to Disneyland to have the time of their lives but only a few enjoy this experience as much as Jeff does. He certainly has raised the bars for all the Disneyland fans!

His happiest journey started on 1st January, 2012.

Jeff said: “It all started on 1st January, 2012, as a joke between friends that was fueled by a commercial from Disney that they ran on New Year’s Eve 2011 talking about the leap day 24 hours’ celebration that they called giving you an extra Disney day.”


Jeff pictured with Minnie and Goofy at Disneyland. (Source: Disney366_)

They joked around the fact that how could it be an extra day if you don’t plan on using the rest of the days.

Jeff said that he never thought of doing anything like this in his entire life until he and his friend came up with this joke of going for the full 366 days. They then continued on through 2013, his friend stopped one day but Reitz kept going.


Jeff has created some magical memories in Disneyland. (Source:Disney366_)

Upon asking about his best memory from that place he said that it’s hard for him to pick just one memory as his best. He further elaborated that he has gathered so many awesome memories in the last 2000+ days. But one of his top memories is that of December 31st, 2012.

It was the day when he got the chance to go to the castle in order to meet Tom Staggs, the then Disney Parks & Resorts Chairman, who presented him with a gift basket and Honorary Proclamations of Citizenship that also included a night in the Dream Suite!


Tom Staggs presenting Jeff a gift basket and Honorary Proclamations of Citizenship. (Source:Disney366_)

Jeff Reitz, the former Air force Veteran, says that he loves going through the whole resort-Fantasyland being his favorite place and the Matterhorn Bobsleds his favorite ride.


Jeff exclaimed that he loves Matterhorn Bobsleds. (Source: Disney366_)

Visiting Disneyland everyday became something to look forward to everyday during the time when he was unemployed. It acted as a motivation to keep his spirits up!


Jeff having fun with different characters at Disneyland. (Source:Disney366_)

Reitz has taken thousands of photographs over the course of the last few years and deciding his favorite one is almost an impossible task. He has even enjoyed a number of shootings like that at Ornament Valley or at the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.


Jeff loves the fireworks at Disneyland. (Source:Disney366_)

Upon asking about his future plans he said that at this point his current annual pass is good until January, which means he have the rest of the year paid for him. According to him, the main thing is that he’s still having fun and that’s the only reason he’s still going as it was never about setting records.


Jeff at D23 Expo. (Source: Disney366_)

Jeff has also been a target of constant criticism from a number of people, who called his daily habit of visiting Disneyland a “sickness”. But he disagrees with them and thinks that they are just “Non-Disney” people.


Jeff completing his 2000 days in Disneyland. (Source:Disney366_)

We find this journey a magical roller coaster! What do you guys think?

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