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Video Of Demi Moore Kissing A 15 Year Old Re-Emerges, Many Are Calling Her A Child Abuser

by Ayesha Qayyum

Demi Moore who turned 55 on 11th of this month, is avowed for several bizarre things. Be it marrying young Ashton Kutcher or alleged for tweaking her pictures to look slimmer, the star has been in quite a spotlight all these years.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore’s video has been emerged where she is seen kissing a 15 year old (Source: ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images)

Being called a ‘Cougar’, Kutcher was 16 years younger than Moore on the marriage. It seems that the actress had thing for boys who weren’t even legal.

Demi Moore

Demi with her daughter Rumer Willis (Source: Demi’s Twitter)

Back in 1982, the star was particularly denounced for lasciviously kissing a 15 years old Philip Tanzini on his birthday. The boy costarred with Moore in General Hospital.

Demi Moore

Demi was named as a Cougar when she married a very young Ashton Kutcher (Source: Demi’s Twitter)

The video set internet on fire when it first surfaced on YouTube in 2012.  Shot enchained over 6.5 million views following around 3k likes and 1k dislikes.

In a 5 minute 8 second montage of the ceremony, Moore is seen kissing the fresh-faced boy on inconstant moments (1:22, 1:49 and 4:36).

Demi is pouring her heart out and expressing her love for the young Philip in the entire footage.

Demi Moore

Here Demi firsts approaches Philip and kisses him (Source: YouTube)

“I love him dearly, He’s one of my favorite person”. Says the Very Good Girls actress.

As per MailOnline, the time it was originally shot, Moore was tied up to her first husband Freddy Moore. But it didn’t stop the diva from disclosing her burning desire for the teenager.

Demi Moore

Philip Tanzini on the set of GENERAL HOSPITAL. (Source: ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images)

Demi Moore also said in the video., “I love Philip and he’s the only one I love”.

Philip grabbed the attention of the people when he replied, “We’re going to get married by the way. Don’t let her husband find out”. Apparently, it looked like the young lad was living his wildest dream.

Moore then happily answered., “I can’t wait. He really is truly terrific. He, is and I love him because he keeps me happy”.

Demi Moore

Demi and Co-star Anthony on GENERAL HOSPITAL. (Source: ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images)

Since the intense video of the twosome has unrolled again on social media, the audience are criticizing Moore for her act of indecency and calling her a pedophile.

However the old drama this time has added a whole another twist to these accusations of sexual harassment.

Lately the news gush of Charlie Sheen raping a 13 year old Corey Haim has made people  wonder what nasty secrets does Hollywood rear. Corey Haim revealed what actually happened to him and that nobody paid any attention to.

Moreover, Sheen’s wife knew about his interest in young boys and girls but early in her marriage, she did nothing.

Demi Moore

It is claimed that Charlie Sheen raped a 13 year old Late Corey Haim (Source: The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

Corey believed that he was in true love with the molester and wanted to engage himself in a sexual affair.

“Corey was so confused by the sexual encounter he believed, like so many victims, he was ‘in love’ with his abuser.” Said a source.

Stories of all these people like Harvey Weinstein and Charlie Sheen are coming to the fore, who are known as the core influencers in this colossal film industry. Looks like victims of Hollywood have finally found their voices. They are standing up for themselves and against those who did wrong to them.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore on the cover of Vogue Paris (Source: Demi’s Twitter)

“Demi Moore Passionately Kissing Boy (Full Video)” had mixed reactions. While some were supportive, others were slamming Moore including the entire silver screen.

A commentator wrote, “So let’s get this straight; We have an epidemic of old celebrities here in Britain being called pedophiles and rapists for touching 15 year old girls 30+ years ago, and some are now facing jail and being placed on the sex offender’s register”.

Demi Moore

Actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore married each other even when their was a huge age difference of 16 years (Source: Getty Images)

“We have Bill Cosby, targeted by women after a quick buck and being defamed and vilified as a rapist. And then here we have actual video evidence of Demi Moore being “indecent” with a 15 year old boy, and people are calling him lucky?”.

“If a 19 year old boy were to snog a 15 year old girl he’d have the f***ing book thrown at him, the parents would cry murder and the feminists would have a field day. Not a popular term ladies and gentlemen, but this is what’s called “misandry”.

Demi Moore

Actress Demi Moore attends the ‘Dances with Wolves’ Century City Premiere on November 4, 1990 at Cineplex Odeon Century Plaza Cinemas in Century City, California. (Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage)

On the other hand, someone with a total opposite perspective wrote,”Oh come on! she’s no pedophile what nonsense is that? It’s the kid’s birthday, he’s happy , she’s a little tipsy and who at the ripe age of 15 isn’t attracted to older women?”.

Demi Moore

People had all kinds of reaction to the kiss some calling it disgusting and some called young Tanzini ‘Lucky” (Source: YouTube)

“I always liked older women even pre-pubescent, and i still do( now in my 30’s). There’s a maturity and attractiveness about them that just can’t be compared to girls at likewise ages.What’s wrong with that? and if a gorgeous woman with a sultry voice like that gave me a warm kiss for my birthday i’d be jumping with joy all night”.

Demi Moore

Many claim what Demi did at the age of 19 and married was child abusing (Source: Rumer’s Instagram)

“That’s why the 80’s were so magical. Things like these didn’t have a name back then. Now everything is labelled as this or that”.

“She would have been a pedophile if she unbuttoned his pants and touched his wi**y then yes that wouldn’t be right. This is just a long mouth kiss. Better to be kissed by a pretty older woman like her than to be given a gun where an accident can occur and someone can get hurt”.

Both the actors haven’t made any comments about this situation yet.

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