David Beckham makes a MILLION POUNDS in one month!
You would be shocked to know the amount of money David Beckham makes in just a month, even after four years of retiring from football.

The 42-year-old ex Manchester United football player, David Beckham, pays himself a non-meager pay of £34k A DAY! Four years after retiring as midfielder, Beckham earns £1 million every month and pays himself £34,000 every day.

David beckham

Beckham on cover of Vogue (Source: David’s Instagram)

There’s no doubt in the fact that David has reached at the topmost levels of fame as well as fortune. Just last year he earned £12.7 million from only image rights!

David beckham

Kevin Hart and David for H&M campaign (Source: Hart’s Instagram)

The one who is called goldenballs has reported to have £45 million kicked in his bank account. Even after retiring the devilishly handsome footballer has made deals with companies and brands like H&M, Haigh Club Whisky and Adidas.

These deals have helped him earn more than the top players of now. And this makes him one of the most earning retired player!


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David beckham

Beckham with his children (Source: David’s Instagram)

His estimated personal future is £165 million! In light of his financial findings, David  Beckham London-based Footwork Productions Ltd reported a £6.28million loss of sales in 2016.

David beckham

Victoria & David Beckham (Source: Victoria’s Instagram)

David Beckham, after his time as a midfielder, has earned many deals and unlocked doors for him in many offers. Even on the football field Beckham was given a lot of money. According to Forbes he earned £9m to just stand on the field as his base salary!

Here is a video by Konami on David Beckham:

Furthermore, David Beckham recently gave £7 million to his wife Victoria Beckham. Who even after borrowing suffered a loss £4.6 million because of her fashion label.

David Beckham still has said to have £500 million so we are sure the loss of a few millions by wifey would not put a dent in his fortune!


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