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Wow! Transgender Model to Appear on the Cover of Playboy Magazine for the First Time in History!

by Faryal

Playboy has decided to feature a transgender model on the cover of the popular magazine for the first time in history!

Transgender model

Giuliana is the first transgender model to appear on the cover of Playboy. (Source: Instagram)

Playboy is a popular American men’s entertainment magazine. The magazine is especially famous for its portrayal of nude and semi-nude photos of women.

Transgender model

The model was born as a boy but was unsatisfied with her body. (Source: Instagram)

The magazine did try to reform its content by removing full frontal nudity for a year. However, they had to return the trend because of a major drop in sales.

This time, Playboy is trying something new again. Giuliana Farfalla, a German transgender model, is going to be featured on the cover of this month’s issue in Germany!

Transgender model

Giuliana poses next to a Christmas Tree. (Source: Instagram)

Transgender model

The transgender model poses in a Levi’s shirt. (Source: Instagram)

The model is only 21 years old. Giuliana was born as a boy and, at the age of sixteen, realized that she wasn’t in the right body. As a result, she underwent gender reconstruction surgery and is now going to make history by being the first transsexual model to be on the cover of Playboy.

She also appeared in Germany’s Next Top model and ended up at the 11th place.

Transgender model

The transgender model came at the 11th place on Germany’s Next Top Model. (Source: Instagram)

Transgender model

People are calling Giuliana mentally sick. (Source: Instagram)

UNILAD reported that according to Florian Boitin, the editor-in-chief of the magazine, the decision of featuring the transgender model has been made in compliance with the wishes of the late founder of the brand, Mr. Hugh Hefner. He was ‘resolutely opposed [to] any form of exclusion and intolerance’.

However, Guiliana is not the only transgender model to be represented in the magazine. Ines Rau was a French model who made it in the magazine’s center pages for the first time in October 2017.

Transgender model

Ines faced a lot of trolls for her picture in the magazine. (Source: Instagram)

Transgender model

Ines appeared in the center pages of the October 2017 issue of Playboy. (Source: Instagram)

The magazine evolves with changing attitudes towards sexuality. According to the New York Times, Cooper Hefner, the Chief Creative Officer said, “Selecting Ms. Rau very much speaks to the brand’s philosophy. It’s the right thing to do. We’re at a moment where gender roles are evolving.”

Transgender model

Hugh Hefner and Cooper Hefner attend the Annual Midsummer Night’s Dream Party at the Playboy Mansion in California. (Source: Getty Images)

Mr. Cooper also backed up his decision by saying, “I didn’t make that decision based off of whether or not individuals who were paying for products or are fans of the brand are going to be satisfied with it. I made the decision because it was the right decision to make, regardless of the comments that came out.”

Transgender model

Cooper Hefner, Hugh Hefner and Crystal Hefner attend Playboy Mansion’s Annual Halloween Bash at The Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, California. (Source: Getty Images)

Although the move is progressive, it is hard for some to accept the change. Ines’s picture sparked a lot of controversy and criticism. As reported by Euro News, one person said, “This was the last straw, sorry but I like my women real.”

Transgender model

The New York Times covered Ines’s story. (Source: Instagram)

Giuliana’s cover has garnered lots of support for the transgender model.

One fan commented, “I’m your fan, I love your story…. I love Munich Germany, I am Brazilian.”

Transgender model

People are inspired by Giuliana’s story. (Source: Instagram)

Another one congratulated her by saying, “Congratulations on featuring on the cover of Playboy Magazine.”

Transgender model

Many congratulations to the model! (Source: Instagram)

However, there were also negative comments that followed. The cover is already sparking conflict; while there are some people who are inspired by her story, others think she is mentally ill and should not be glorified.

One stated, “you are not a woman!!!!!”

Transgender model

Some people do not consider Giuliana a woman. (Source: Instagram)

Another one stated, “U are not a woman! U are just a sick man.. U ARE A SPAWN!”

Transgender model

Giuliana received hate on her picture. (Source: Instagram)

Do you think including a transgender model is a good idea? We, for one, wish the best of luck to both the model and the magazine. More power to you, Giuliana Farfalla!

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