Will Smith Celebrates 51st Birthday at the Gemini Man Red Carpet
Netflix also announced that Will Smith will produce and star in their upcoming crime film "The Council" about the American crime boss Nicky Barnes.

Oscar nominee Will Smith celebrated his birthday at the Budapest premiere of his new movie.

will smith celebrates
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Smith was surprised with a cake on the Red carpet. He was extremely shocked when he was presented with the cake. The actor has always had an eventful time during red carpets. During the premiere of his movie Aladdin, two little girls asked Will, “Where’s your magic?”

To which the Men in Black star replies, “So the Genie, when I’m in public, I can’t use my magic because people can’t know I’m a genie. So I have to pretend like I’m a regular person when I’m in public.”

will smith celebrates
(Image Source: Instagram/ Will Smith)

He then offered to take the girls to meet Naomi Scott who played Princess Jasmine in the movie.


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Furthermore, the Hancock actor also performed at the square in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica after the premiere. His wife, Jada Pinkett Smith also joined him on stage. The actor had a ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ reunion with DJ Jazzy Jeff.

His 48-year-old wife also wished the Fresh Prince actor on Instagram. “Happy Birthday, Willard!” she wrote. “I never considered you funny. But after many years, I finally get your humor. Thank you for teaching me how to laugh with you and how to laugh at myself.”

Jada Pinkett relieved Will Smith talked about their marriage
(Image source: Instagram/ willsmith)

Adding further, “My biggest birthday wish for you is … more poops and less gas (If you didn’t watch the last episode … you won’t get it).”

In Gemini Man, Smith plays the role of an assassin who is being targeted by a younger clone of himself. The film is directed by Ang Lee and will officially release on October 1.

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will smith stars in gemini man
(Image Source: Instagram/ Will Smith)

Happy Birthday Will Smith!


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