Tom Hiddleston has been dating Zawe Ashton for six whole months now
Tom Hiddleston has apparently been dating his Betrayal co-star Zawe Ashton for over six months now. He is keeping it lowkey after the Taylor Swift fiasco.

Tom Hiddleston seems to have learned his lesson from his highly publicized relationship with Taylor Swift: the actor has been dating co-star Zawe Ashton for SIX months now without anyone finding out.

(Image source: Twitter/ Hiddles Fashion)

Hiddleston and Ashton play an on-screen couple on Betrayal. They were seen together at the US Open over the weekend, and at a night out together in New York last month. They also walk Hiddleston’s dog together over the weekend, and were seen spending Easter together.

They have been dating for six months now, but both are super quite about the romance. A few years ago, Hiddleston had a very high profile romance with Taylor Swift. The star was ridiculed for wearing a shirt that said “I [Love] TS”. He was also made fun of when Swift then left him for British actor Joe Alwyn.

(Image source: Instagram/ Britany LaManna)

Hiddleston recently told New York Times, “Yes, I’m protective about my internal world now in probably a different way. That’s because I didn’t realise it needed protecting before.”


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That is probably why Hiddleston and Ashton are so low-key.

A source told The Sun, “Tom really has fallen for Zawe in a big way. They’ve actually been together for more than six months. But he is so paranoid about his private life since his relationship with Taylor that he has gone to great lengths to keep this under wraps.”

The source added, “He thinks this could be the love of his life — he’s ready to settle down.”

(Image source: Instagram/ Tom Hiddleston)

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Tom Hiddleston and Zawe Ashton met for the first time on Betrayal.


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