Taylor Swift Fans are NOT Liking Shawn Mendes’ Right Now
Taylor Swift fans are dumping on Shawn Mendes after he stayed silent on her rift with Scott Borchetta and then made fun of her lyrics with John Mayer.

Shawn Mendes did not speak up about Taylor Swift not being allowed access to her old music by Big Machine, and then was seen hanging out with John Mayer.

Taylor Swift Shawn Mendes
(Image source: Instagram/ John Mayer)

Shawn Mendes and John Mayer recently put up a video discussing Mendes’ remix to Swift’s song Lover. Mayer, who dated Swift in the past, poked light fun at Swift’s lyrics while Mendes laughed along.

Fans immediately started calling him out for not defending his friend. They also have been criticising him for not speaking up for Taylor in her feud with Big Machine Records, even though his girlfriend Camila Cabello has.


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(Image source: Instagram/ John Mayer)

One person wrote, “Taylor sweetie, do not collaborate with ungrateful rats next time.” Another person wrote, “You guys hear that? it’s the sound of taylor swift blocking shawn mendes’ number from her phone.”

Yet another person pointed out, “Shawn talks about taylor alllll the time, he is on the lover remix, he opened for 1989 tour, he was a guest at the rep tour, he took inspiration from taylor with light up bracelets and secret sessions, but he is silent when it comes to something he won’t benefit from.”

The hashtag #shawnmendesisoverparty is trending on Twitter currently.

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