Simone Biles Breaks World Championship Medals Record
22 year old American gymnast Simone Biles has broken the World Championship medals record with two more golds on Sunday. She has 25 medals total now.

Simone Biles has broken the world championship medals record with her two wins on Sunday: the 22 year old American gymnast has 25 medals total now.

Simone Biles Medals
(Image source: Twitter/ US Gymnastics)

The record was previously held by male gymnast Vitaly Scherbo in the 1990s. He had 23 medals.

Biles broke it with her win on the balance beam in Stuttgart. Her second win over the weekend was on the floor, where she had a 15.133 and beat 16 year old Sunisa Lee.

Lee had a score of 14.133 and won silver on the floor. Russia’s Angelina Melnikova took bronze. China’s Liu Tingting and Li Shijia won silver and bronze on the balance beam.


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With her 21st win earlier this week, Biles had already become the female gymnast with the most medals. She has now trumped both male and female gymnasts with her medals.

Biles told The New York Times, “I don’t know; I feel like it’s not me. Sometimes I wonder how I do it. I feel like it’s just, like, not me. I wish I could have like an out-of-body experience to witness it, because sometimes I think I’m going crazy. I really don’t know how I do it sometimes.”

Simone Biles Medals
(Image source: Twitter/ UN Women)

Biles wrote on Twitter, “Feeling GOLDEN this morning… every time feels just like the first.”

Team USA celebrated her win, “@SimoneBiles isn’t just the most decorated woman in world championships history… She’s the most decorated gymnast in world championships history PERIOD.”

USA Gymnastics wrote, “25. WORLD. MEDALS. @Simone_Biles’s strength and skill is unparalleled in #gymnastics. All hail the GOAT!”

Morgan Jerkins wrote on Twitter, “If Simone Biles says she’s the best gymnast in the world, then she’s the best gymnast in the world. There’s a difference between being cocky and simply stating a fact. Count the medals.”

Romeo Kumalo wrote, “Our children are growing up in the era of Eliud Kipchoge, Simone Biles, Serena Williams,Tiger Woods, Caster Semenya, Lewis Hamilton,LeBron James…Your dreams are valid. No Human is Limited.”

(Image source: Twitter/ US Gymnastics)

The gymnast said during a press conference, “If I were to label myself as a superstar, it would bring more expectations on me and I would feel pressured, more in the limelight, rather than now. I just go out there and compete,” she added. “I try to represent Simone… not ‘Simone Biles’ whenever I go out there, because at the end of the day, I’m still a human being before I’m ‘Simone Biles, the superstar.’”

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