Shay Mitchell Tears Up At The Possibility of a C-Section
Shay Mitchell is extremely upset about the possibilty of surgery. "The only thing that's making her feel better" is that Beyonce had a C-section.

Pretty Little Liar‘s actress Shay Mitchell opened up about the possibility of a C-section in her YouTube series because of her baby being breech.

shay pregnant baby breach
(Image source: Instagram/ Shay Mitchell)

Mitchell’s YouTube series Almost Ready documents the pregnant actress’s pregnancy journey. In the most recent episode, her boyfriend Matte Babel asks her whether about having a cesarean section. To which she responds, “I can’t even talk about this. It’s actually gonna make me upset.”

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matte babel and shay
(Image source: Instagram/ Matte Babel)

Furthermore, she tears up and adds, “Even if it doesn’t happen today, I don’t want to have to do that.”


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On their way to the doctor, Babel reveals, “I know, but they’re gonna spin her today. Placenta’s out of the way, you have lots of fluid and the baby’s sitting high. There’s no question she’s gonna turn today.”

The You star also replied, “It’s not just the surgery, it’s the recovery time. I cannot be bedridden for however long it’s gonna be. I really don’t want that. If I’m in bed, I’m gonna go nuts.”

Shay Mitchell at the beach
(Image source: Instagram/ Shay Mitchell)

Angrily saying, “You’ll be able to live your life still and I’ll be f***ing stuck after the baby’s born. You can’t even lift them sometimes because it hurts so much.”

Boyfriend, Babel kept trying to re-assure the mom-to-be. Saying, “Baby, she’s gonna turn today.”

Shay Mitchell Pregnant
(Image source: Instagram/ Shay Mitchell)

The Canadian actress shared the news about her pregnancy back in June. Furthermore, she also revealed in an emotional post how she had suffered a miscarriage 5 months before becoming pregnant again.

Shay Mitchell has already stated that she will not be taking maternity leave after her baby girl is born.


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