Ryan Reynolds & Karen Gillan Trash Talk During Fantasy Football
Before Ryan Reynolds and Karen Gillan, Marvel actors Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland and Chris Evans also played in The League.

Marvel stars Ryan Reynolds and Karen Gillan competed against each other for a charity fantasy football game. Both actors had to post a video talking trash about their competitors for the League.

ryan reynolds and karen gllan
(Image Source: Instagram/ Karen Gillan)

Reynolds went first, jokingly saying that his Canadian-ness made him hesitant to trash talk. He said in the video, “I’m not super comfortable with trash talk because I’m Canadian and I try to maintain a level of politeness.”

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(Image Source: Instagram/ Ryan Reynolds)

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However, the actor bleeped half the video after saying many explicit things. He ended the video by also saying that he felt “good about this.”


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Warning: The video below contains explicit language

However, the Guardians of the Galaxy actress did not hold back. Karen Gillan responded by posting a video and said, “So this week I am playing Ryan Reynolds, and we’re meant to trash talk each other, and he had some really nasty words for me. But you know what? I think actions speak louder than words, Ryan.”

In the video, Gillan purchases an action figure of Spider-Man and torches it, mocking the character’s death in Avengers: Infinity War, instead of a Deadpool figure.

Furthermore, Reynolds responds to the video saying, “I think we all owe @TomHolland1996 a sincere and unblinking apology.”

However, Karen Gillan was still not finished. She responded by making fun of Reynolds’s Detective Pikachu character. Saying, “Yeah, sorry Tom, next time I’ll burn the right character…Jiggly Puff. That’s you, right Ryan?”

Ryan Reynolds and Karen Gillan
(Image source: Instagram/ karengillanofficial)

The winner of the fantasy football will receive $100,000 for their choice of charity.


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