Pygmy Elephant Shot SEVENTY Times Before Being Killed
A pygmy elephant was found shot dead with seventy bulletholes in its body in Malaysia: poachers killed the animal and removed its tusks.

The Pygmy elephant was found dead in Malaysia.

Pygmy Elephant Shot Seventy
(Image source: Sabah Wildlife Department)

An endangered pygmy elephant has been found shot dead in Malaysia with 70 bullet holes in its body. Fishermen noticed its corpse tied to a corpse on Wednesday last week in Sabah.

A post-mortem was done on the elephant. It was found that the adult male pygmy (Which was originally thought to be a younger female) was shot 70 times. One of the bullets had pierced its left temple. It is not known how long before it was shot that it died.

The shot through the left temple is likely to have immediately killed it. The bullet went through the skull and decimated the brain.


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A source told The Strait Times, “It was found tied to a riverbank and more than half of the elephant’s body was underwater. It is not sure whether the elephant suffered greatly before dying, but one bullet went right through the left temple.” The source also saidthat the bullet wounds make it seem like the poachers used semi-automatic guns.

Sabah’s Wildlife Department director Augustine Tuuga said the killed was “cruel”. The fishermen let the authorities know of the animal’s death. They required heavy machinery from a farm nearby to get its body to the shore.

Four or five poachers are thought to be responsible for the killing. Only 15000 pygmy elephants are left in Malaysia. The county protects the animals by law under the Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997. Anyone who kills them can be jailed for 5 years or face a fine of $60,000.

Elephants are killed by poachers and also by plantation farmers, whose farms are ruined due to a large elephant walking over or eating plantations.

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