Prince William and Kate Middleton End Eventful Five-Day Pakistan Tour
The Royal couple also suffered a flight delay after storms hit Lahore before their flight. Prince William and Kate Middleton spent an extra day in Lahore.

The British Royals ended their tour of Pakistan on Friday and returned home to Britain from the Noor Khan Airbase Islamabad. Prince William and Kate Middleton began their tour on Monday in Islamabad.

prince william and kate middleton
(Image Source: Instagram/ Kensington Royal)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also spent a day in Lahore. They visited the SOS Children’s village, which is an orphanage. Furthermore, they also went to the Shaukat Khanam Memorial cancer hospital, the National cricket academy and the Badshahi mosque.

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william and kate pakistan
(Image Source: Instagram/ Kensington Royal)

Talking about the security protocols, Prince William said, “A lot of effort, a lot of lives being lost by the Pakistanis in securing large parts of this country over the years and those sacrifices for the Pakistanis should be acknowledged.”


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“It’s been a huge, huge undertaking for them,” he added. “The fact that we’re here today and witnessing UK-Pakistani security working together shows you how important it is and that, actually, what happens here in Pakistan directly correlates to what happens in the streets of the UK.”

imran khan with william and kate
(Image Source: Instagram/ Kensington Royal)

The last visit to Pakistan by the Britain Royals was made by his father Prince Charles and his wife in 2006.

In 1996, Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana also visited Pakistan. She attended a charity event for the Shaukat Khanam Memorial Cancer Hospital. Diana also met with cricketer Imran Khan, who is the current Prime Minister of Pakistan.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Kensington Royal)

At the end of their tour, William and Kate also suffered some turbulence during their flight back to Islamabad. Due to storms in Lahore, they had to land back in Lahore after two hours in the air. Because of this delay, their visit to Khyber Pass was canceled.

kate cricket
(Image Source: Instagram/ Kensington Royal)

Prince William and Kate Middleton have returned back to Britain from their Pakistan tour.


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