Prince Andrew's Accuser Talks Being Forced Into Sex Acts at 17
Virginia Roberts Giuffre, Prince Andrew's accuser who also brought a case against the late Jeffrey Epstein, details the acts she was made to do at 17.

Prince Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, detailed the acts she was made to perform while on NBC’s Dateline.

(Image source: NBC)

She said that when she was 17 years old, she met Prince Andrew in a nightclub. She gave her a vodka. They then went to Ghislaine Maxwell’s house. Giuffre said, “The first time in London, I was so young, Ghislaine woke me up in the morning and said ‘you are going to meet a prince today.'”

She added, “I didn’t know at that point that I was going to be trafficked to that prince.” She said on the way home from the club, Maxwell told her that the Prince “is coming back to the house and I want you to do for him what you do for Epstein.”

She said “the abuse moved from the bathroom to a bedroom.” She added, “He was not rude or anything about it, he said thank you and some kind of soft sentiments like that and left,” she said. “I just couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe that even royalty were involved.”


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Prince Andrew has rejected all the allegations against him. Giuffre said, “He denies that it ever happened and he’s going to keep denying that it ever happened, but he knows the truth and I know the truth.”

(Image source: Sky News)

Buckingham Palace told CNN, “It is emphatically denied that The Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts. Any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation.”

Maxwell is the woman accused of assisting Jeffrey Epstein. Giuffre accused the late financier of making her a “sex slave”. The 66 year old Epstein denied the allegations. He died by suicide in August while awaiting trial.

Giuffre also brought allegations against the late Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Andrew also addressed his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. He said that he met Epstein in 1999 and “saw him infrequently and probably no more than only once or twice a year.” He also admitted to staying at “a number of his (Epstein’s) residences”.

Two years after Epstein pleaded guilty to sex crimes in 2008, Prince Andrew met him again. The Prince said it was “a mistake and an error”.

(Image source: New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services’ sex offender registry)

Giuffre, Prince Andrew’s accuser, claimed he forced her to perform sexual acts a total of three times.


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