Paul Rudd and Chris Evans Reunite on Billy On The Street
Paul Rudd and Chris Evans appeared together in the Marvel movies. Evans played Captain America, while Rudd plays the iconic Ant-Man.

Chris Evans made an appearance on the show Billy on the Street to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary. Evans was also present to promote his upcoming film Knives Out.

chris evans
(Image Source: Instagram/ Chris Evans Online)

Billy Eichner hosts the show. Walking through the streets of Manhatten with new celebrities in every episode, Eichner talks to random people on the street.

Eichner started the segment by telling his fans about the show’s anniversary. Adding further to Chris Evans, “And yes, I still miraculously have a thriving career, even though your straight older brother Justin doesn’t get me.”

billy on the street
(Image Source: Instagram/ Billy Eichner)

Eichner and Evans went up to a random woman on her phone and told her about Evans’s upcoming movie Knives Out. To which the woman replied, “Ooh, I don’t like the title.”


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Another woman confessed that she had not seen the Avenger movies. However, she swore that she will watch all the movies now. However, The Lion King star was hesitant to believe her. The woman responded, “Why not?”

Eichner jokingly added, “Well, Martin Scorsese would say something, but I won’t.”

billy on the street
(Image Source: Instagram/ Billy Eichner)

The Billy on the Street host also screamed at a person walking by that his show was on Netflix now. The man replied, “Okay, will you still be on Netflix when ABC/Disney has their streaming service?”

Billy whispered to him, “Give me 100 bucks. I’ll take these episodes to Disney + right now, do you understand me? I have no allegiance!”

A surprise guest also appeared during the segment. Chris Evans co-star Paul Rudd also made an appearance and the two men shared a hug.

paul rudd and chris
(Image Source: Instagram/ Paul Rudd IG)

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Eichner asked a woman, “Miss, for a dollar. “Who would you rather have s*x with: Chris Evans or Paul Rudd?”

The woman replied, “Paul Rudd for sure. All the way.” Claiming to be a huge Clueless fan, the woman was shocked to see Rudd in front of her, and reply to her confession with, “As if.”

Watch the full segment below:

Billy on the Street is now available on Netflix!


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