Miley Cyrus Fan Arrested After Declaring Life's Mission to 'Impregnate Her'
The obsessed Miley Cyrus fan has been on the watchlist for her security team for some time. The stalker has tweeted about the singer multiple times.

Miley Cyrus performed at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday. However, one Miley Cyrus fan was arrested during the show.

miley cyrus fan
(Image source: Instagram/ Miley Cyrus)

According to TMZ, the man David Rumsey was on a watchlist after sending threatening messages to The Climb singer. The messages included wanting to “party it up with 2pac, biggie, Prince, Michael Jackson and all those we lost”. He was detained and arrested after the show when security recognized Rumsey.

Reports claim that the stalker told Miley’s team, “It’s my life’s mission to impregnate Miley.”

Furthermore, 42-year-old Rumsey’s Twitter is filled with tweets about the singer. Before the concert, he tweeted about his location and made references to Cyrus.


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miley cyrus fan david rumsey
(Image Source: Twitter)

One of his tweets read, “I am hoping not to be back at my room. I don’t want you to have to go to motel 6. I wanted to stay in one of the hotels close to stadium and banned from mgm hotels from when you took my soul. I’ll go check for messages of where to meet at. I’m in room 208 at Tropicana one

However, despite this dark turn, the concert was a huge success. Miley Cyrus sang many of her songs including Wrecking Ball, Mother’s Daughter. She also played a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog and Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb.

miley cyrus at iheart
(Image Source: Instagram/ Miley Cyrus)

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This was Miley Cyrus’s first concert after her break up with girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter. PEOPLE magazine reported the split saying, “Miley and Kaitlyn broke up”.

A source further told the media outlet, “They’re still friends. They’ve been friends forever and were there for each other when they were both getting separated. But they’re just not in a romantic relationship anymore.”

miley and kaitlynn
(Image Source: Instagram/ Unmiley)

However, Kaitlynn is still nothing but supportive of her ex. The 26-year-old recently posted a photo of herself at the iHeart Radio Festival. She captioned the photo, “VEGA$ #iheartradiofestival2019.” Carter commented, “GET IT!!!!!”

(Image source: Instagram/ Miley Cyrus)

Miley Cyrus fan, David Rumsey is still in custody.


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