Prince and Paris Jackson Share Memories of Michael Jackson
Paris Jackson and Prince Jackson represented Michael Jackson at the Motown 60th anniversary celebration in Paris and shared their memories of him.

Paris and Prince represented Michael Jackson at the Motown 60th anniversary celebration.

Michael Jackson Prince Paris
(Image source: Instagram/ Michael Jackson)

The two started off with outfits designed by Rushka Bergman, the stylist that curated all of Jackson’s looks. Prince said, “I remember Rushka was my dad’s stylist. She would always come in with these large racks… my dad loved shiny things, blingy, you know? So when I came in yesterday to look at the jacket, it was almost nostalgic. It was very cool that to see that I am like, not really being put in the same shoes, but almost doing a very similar thing.”

Paris had the same kind of look, although it had much more sparkle. The two got ready together and talked about how “fondly” their dad Michael spoke about Motown. Prince said, “Motown is, I mean, how do you explain Motown? If you’re part of Motown, it’s kind of like an extended family. Like, ‘Oh, you were a part of that too?'”

Paris chimed in, saying, “I think of my childhood when I hear the word Motown. I grew up listening to all of that and it’s very nostalgic.”


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One person commented, “Its refreshing to see despite everything, they seem to be very humble and down to earth. Seems like a rarity among celeb offsprings. You either get clueless, bratty, or entitled. Prince seems like a genuinely kind hearted person. I know Paris has had her struggles but she seems to be coming into her own and more confident. Love that they are close as siblings.”

Another person wrote, “OMG they are so normal. It’s so weird how the media try to paint them like weirdos.”

Michael Jackson Prince Paris
(Image source: Instagram/Paris Jackson)

Michael Jackson also has a kid named Blanket apart from Paris and Prince.

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