Mel B Has a "Casual" Romance Going with "Hairdresser Rory McPhee"
Spice Girl Mel B is now in a "casual romance" with "hairdresser Rory McPhee". The two have known each other around two years now.

Mel B and Rory McPhee have known each other for two years now.

(Image source: Instagram/ Rory McPhee)

The couple went public five weeks ago. They attended a friend’s wedding together. A source told The Sun, “[Mel] hasn’t stopped smiling recently… sparks flew between them two years ago, but they have upped the ante by going public.”

The source added, “At the wedding they looked so happy together, Mel isn’t looking for a serious relationship, and Rory is very easygoing, so they are keeping things very casual and chilled for now.”

The couple have not officially gone public with their romance. However, they are often on each other’s Instagrams due to their working relationship.


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(Image source: Instagram/ Rory McPhee)

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Before this relationship, Mel B finalized her divorce with ex Stephen Belafonte in December 2017. The two were married for 10 years. Their marriage ended badly. In her biography Brutally Honest, she accused Stephen of physical abuse, which he denied.

However, Mel told The Sun that she has not ruled out marriage in the future. She said, “I’m not actively looking for anything like that but, yeah, if it happens! I think I’m always going to be a lover of love and a believer of love. I’ve always been positive. Everyone goes through ups and downs in relationships. I’ve been married twice, engaged a few times, but I don’t think I’ll ever give up on love – it’s a beautiful thing.”

The now-divorced couple had one daughter together. 8 year old Madison currently lives with her father as the custody battle continues. Mel moved back to her Leeds hometown after her relationship ended.

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(Image source: Instagram/ Mel B)

She has two daughters, 20 year old Phoenix with Jimmy Gulzar and 12 year old Angel with Eddie Murphy.

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