Mama June and Geno Are Still Together Despite Felony Charges
Mama June and Geno are still together after she arrested due to felony charges relating to possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

Mama June is still with Geno despite the felony charges she faced earlier in the year.

(Image source: Instagram/ Mama June)

She was arrested earlier this year due to alleged possession of a controlled substance as well as drug paraphernalia. TMZ reported that she was at a gas station in Alabama with crack cocaine on her person.

Alana Thompson, her youngest daughter, moved out due to the drama that resulted. She then moved in with the reality star’s eldest daughter Pumpkin. The latter has now become Alana’s legal guardian.

When June needed money after this arrest, she reportedly asked both her daughters. However, they refused to give her any. She then sold her Georgia house, and started living in Geno’s RV.


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Mama June Geno Felony Charges
(Image source: YouTube)
(Image source: Instagram/ Mama June)

However, Mama June is still with her boyfriend Geno since the split. On September 25, the couple were seen going to the courthouse together.

They have not been seen in public since March of this year. They will be required to return to court on Thursday, Sept. 26. On that court date, they will have to declare whether they plead guilty or not guilty.

Mama June Geno Felony Charges
Mama June attends “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” S2 premiere party on January 9, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Paras Griffin/Getty Images for WEtv)

Her TV show Mama June: From Hot To Not is still on TV but it might be taken off of air due to the fact that the limelight is not good for the reality star.

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