Love Island's Greg O'Shea Confirms He Broke Up With Amber Rose Gill
Amber Rose Gill's best friend claims Greg "has no heart. He used her to get where he is. I have no pity. Some men are scum."

The Love Island 2019 winners have split up because they are busy with their careers.

love island winners
The winners of Love Island 2019. (Image Source: Instagram/ Amber Rose)

The Irish rugby player appeared on the RTE episode of The Late Late Show on Friday. Even though his fellow Love Island winner, Amber was supposed to join Greg appeared alone on the show. He was joined by fellow Islanders Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard.

Rumors started circulating that the Love Island winners had broken up. Hence, the host confronted Greg about the situation. To which he replied, “First off, the age-old saying, don’t believe everything you read. I’ll be open and honest.”

Amber and Greg
Amber Rose and Greg O’Shea after Love Island. (Image Source: Instagram/ Greg O’Shea)

Continuing further, “Me and Amber have been chatting the last couple of days, over phone calls – this whole thing about a text just isn’t true. People just want to sell stories. We’re mad about each other. I’m mad about her. What’s not to be mad about? Gorgeous, smart, funny personality. The queen of Love Island for a reason.”


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greg and amber from love island
Amber and Greg in Ireland. (Image Source: Instagram/ Amber Rose)

The 24-year-old added that they needed to be “realistic” about their situation. Saying, “She lives in the UK. Every brand wants to work with her, every event wants her there. Of course, she deserves all of it.”

“I decided to come back to Ireland and do my thing here,” he confessed further. “I’m trying to get to the Olympics with the sevens team, I have my law exams coming up. We’re both so jam-packed busy. And you need to take these opportunities by the scruff of the neck.”

Amber and Greg
Amber and Greg, the winners of Love Island Season 5. (Image Source: Instagram/ Amber Rose)

Furthermore, the 22-year-old’s best friend also slammed Greg on Twitter. He wrote, “Like, Greg took that £25k bag and RAN at the first opportunity he could – he pulled the wool over EVERYBODY’s eyes. He would be NOBODY without @AmberRoseGill. The night of the final, he had 110k followers, she had 1.9mil. I had to canvas votes SUPER hard to make up for his side.”

amber's friend
(Image Source: Twitter)

While Greg was back in Ireland, Amber spent her time with best friends Anna Vakili and Yewande Biala. Anna’s sister, Mandi was also present. During an Instagram live video, one girl reads the comments and says to Amber, “They’re asking you if you’re OK”.

Mandi throws shade at Greg and shouts, “You all wanna know the answer but we can only break the news to you through text.”

Moreover, Amber and Greg are the third Love Island couple to break up after the show ended.

love island 2019
Amber and Greg have broken up. (Image Source: Instagram/ Greg O’Shea)

Previous couples include Harley Brash and Chris Taylor, also followed by Belle Hassan and Anton Danyluk. 


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