Louis Tomlinson Reveals Caring For Younger Siblings After Mom's Death
Louis Tomlinson will release his debut solo album Walls on 31st January 2020. He has already released the title track on Friday.

Louis Tomlinson opens up about his feelings after the sudden deaths of his mother and sister in recent years.

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The former One Direction singer opened up to Guy Kelly from The Telegraph. Tomlinson revealed that he was doing better after the deaths of his family members. He said, “I’m good, mate, I’m feeling good.”

Also talking about the support of his fans, he added, “Ah, yeah I know, they’re considerate, they are. We’ve got a special, interesting bond. They’ve grown up with me – and I’ve been through some personal stuff and they’ve always been there for me.”

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Back in 2016, the boy band One Direction broke up and all members went their separate ways. In December of the same year, Tomlinson lost his mother Johannah Deakin who died after fighting a long battle with cancer.


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Then in March of 2019, the Walls singer lost his half-sister Félicité Tomlinson. The 18-year-old was found dead in her London home due to an accidental overdose.

Louis Tomlinson's sisters pay tribute to Felicite Tomlinson
(Image source: Instagram/ Felicite Tomlinson)

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Louis also revealed his feelings after the death of his mother. He confessed, “One thing I’ve learnt since losing her is that any decision, even if I knew the answer, I’d call her. I didn’t realize how reliant I’d become on her. That was the hardest thing for me, understanding that living life after meant making decisions on my own.”

louis and his mom
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Also adding, “I thought I’d always have a sounding board. There was a different level of credibility with my mum, because I idolized her.”

The 28-year-old also revealed that he had become a “second parent” to his younger siblings, mainly 16-year-old twins Daisy and Phoebe. Also adding that he was paying for their education as well. He said, ‘Without being too soppy, I like looking after people, it’s cool.”

louis tomlinson and his sisters
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Tomlinson further said, “At the moment I’m stressing trying to convince Daisy and Phoebe to go to sixth form. They’ve been to private school near Donny, and it’s proper expensive. I’m paying for it thinking they’re staying on, but now they don’t want to go. I told them education is important. I’m like, “You’re 16, you haven’t got a f**king idea what the real world is.”

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Louis Tomlinson recently released his latest single Walls from his debut album.


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