Lindsay Lohan Gets Her Own Personal Toilet At Nightclubs
Jackie O is outing all of Lindsay Lohan's secrets: The radio host has revealed that Lohan has a personal toilet reserved for herself at nightclubs.

Lindsay Lohan has been exposed by Masked Singer co-judge Jackie O’Henderson for getting a toilet reserved at nightclubs.

Lindsay Lohan toilet
(Image source: Instagram/ Lindsay Lohan)

The 44 year old talked about her night out on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Wednesday. She was out with Lohan in Sydney, Australia.

She said, “I went to the public toilet in this nightclub and there were girls everywhere lining up for the toilet.”

She revealed that Lohan’s staff helped her out, explaining, “Lindsay’s security took me into the toilet and there was one cubicle that just said, ‘Do not use’, it’s just reserved for Lindsay. I was escorted to the celebrity cubicle and he waited outside… I felt a bit stupid.”


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Lindsay Lohan toilet
(Image source: Instagram/ Jackie O)

Lindsay Lohan recently attracted a lot of heat after flirting with the Hemsworth brothers after Liam’s split with Miley when the latter was seen roaming around Italy with Brody Jenner’s ex Kaitlynn Carter. She commented on a photo of the two, “Why didn’t we meet in Sydney or Bondi?”

Her comment generated a lot of laughs and criticism online. Ithers also came to her defense, saying the comment was a harmless one and that people had made it out to be flirtation when in reality it was just a friendly offer.

However, sources told Hollywood Life that Cyrus was not bothered either way. A source said, “Miley has moved on with Kaitlynn, she is focused on herself and Kaitlynn and hasn’t paid attention to what is going on in Liam’s world. And that includes any correspondence with Lindsay Lohan.”

(Image source: Instagram/ Lindsay Lohan)

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Lindsay Lohan and Jackie O are currently serving as judges on Masked Singer in Australia.


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