Kim Kardashian Talks Preeclampsia, IVF, Surrogates and Deliveries
Kim Kardashian is choosing to talk about her journey to motherhood and her choice of surrogates to promote her new clothing.

Kim Kardashian is choosing to talk about her surrogates to promote her new clothing.

(Image source: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian West)

Kim Kardashian has 4 kids right now. Her and husband Kanye West have 6 year old North West, 4 year old Saint West, 18 month old Chicago West and 7 month old Psalm West. However, getting to this stage was not easy for Kim.

Kardashian posted a video on her SKIMS 2019 social media page. The caption for her video read, “Everyone has a story to tell. This Holiday Season, we’re giving our platform over to women whose stories inspire us and supporting the causes that inspire them.”

For the feature story about women and their stories, Kardashian chose to talk about preeclampsia, which led her to delivering North early. “The only way to get rid of that is to deliver the baby. At 34 and a half weeks, I had to go into emergency labor—they induced me. North was 4 pounds. She was almost six weeks early,” she said. She then had placenta accreta, which is a life-threatening condition.


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(Image source: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian West)

Despite the initial discovery, Kardashian got pregnant again with Saint West. She said, “After my daughter was born, I still continued to do the process of freezing my eggs. I was able to get pregnant through that with my son Saint, and then I had two embryos left.”

After that delivery, her body really suffered. She said, “I had to have five different operations within a year and a half to fix the damage that all of that did on the inside.”

“I asked my doctors, ‘Can I [deliver my own baby] one more time?’. And they were like, ‘We won’t even put an embryo in you — that would be like malpractice.'”

(Image source: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian West)

“I’m so thankful for my beautiful kids, no matter how they came to me — they came to me. I’m so thankful for surrogates. I’m really thankful for my family. I grew up with so many siblings. I just loved being in a big environment. I would have gone through the same pain and back for the result of having my babies. It was all worth it,” she said.

You can check out SKIMS right here.

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